Zero to Hero: Elder Scrolls Online

The Story of Talos Prime

Zero to Hero is an ongoing series spanning multiple games and genres; a series focused on telling the stories of real people or the characters build this is my story of Elder Scrolls Online.

Going into ESO I was fairly hesitant not being much of an MMO player, I have dabbled with WOW & Final Fantasy XIV so not completely alien to the genre and do regard the elder scrolls franchise as one of gaming best.

After a long time in the character creator Talos Prime the Argonian was born or rather just continued existing I’m not quite sure. Awaking in an almost ethereal realm Talos is guided through teaching me the basics of combat. Now that’s out the way Talos enters a wide cavern and already there’s a creature doing battle with another player this seamless transition was quite profound and we eventually took the creature down with a hit or two.

Naturally, my play style leans to one of grinding so I gave Talos Prime the dive skill (literally summons birds to attack) and went to town for a good thirty minutes before deciding I should probably progress along. We come to a giant enemy crab of sorts which because of my dive grinding is dispatched in no time leaving my first “boss” encounter a little lacking oh well. Back to reality, we go.

After returning to the real world I decided to navigate the menus, a daunting task which I am still not entirely sure I know what I am doing. I did, however, find the non-combat pets tab and immediately equipped a salamander. Naturally, I named him Scalebound. Rest in Piece Scalebound.

Talos Prime & Scalebound


Deciding I have had enough of clearing notifications of new items in the menus Talos Prime & Scalebound’s adventure could truly begin setting foot into Summerset, the newest expansion for ESO. It is here that Talos met the most heinous of enemies Crabs and Imps, so again I chase them to the shadow realm using dive the most satisfying ability in any game. Talos repeatedly slaughtered these beasts without a care in the world for the ecosystem but eventually leveled up enough to unlock a new ability, scorch!

Being personally satisfied with the grinding of this portion Talos moved on only to stumble upon a bunch of dead monsters at the hands of Raz a third person speaking badass whom I want as a companion, generally a well written and witty character that I happily obliged in tracking down some folk to talk too.

The journey was not without its perils I often found myself lost mainly because I didn’t check the map, joined up for two guilds which I’m not sure of the repercussions of such an act thus far. Eventually, we spoke to all three…well two of the characters one was dead. Here the underlying themes of Summerset were laid out and the disparity in class and creed shone through I vividly remember an encounter to which my Argonian was offended by and that was pretty special.

Unfortunately just as ESO was really singing its teeth in I ended up in the sewers initially I tried entering the undercroft of the monastery however I was not able to, I tried pickpocketing the elven elite to a success only to gain a worthless item. After losing my mind trying to figure the quest out waking the sleeping monk over and over I decided to head into the sewers and hope for a way up via that way. A good hour was spent running around killing bandits trying to figure something, I found a secret chamber where nobody would talk to me so more running around killing mindlessly. Talos for all this killing is a pretty strong dude and after I had just about given up I checked the map and noticed an area I hadn’t been too, surely this has to be it. Talos ventured on slaughtering enemies left right and center. Then got killed by magic using bastards. That was enough for one adventure and the night was drawing in so Talos decided to call it a day but that does not mean we are beaten oh no this is just the beginning. To be continued…

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