EGX 2018 Panels – Day 1

The Complete Guide to Day 1

As much as EGX is an event for gamers to get their hands on the most anticipated titles, as well as lots of unsung indie darlings, EGX offers some great panels for attendees to help appreciate the industry and talk about all aspects of philosophy. This roundup will link out and give a brief description of all the panels from Day 1 of EGX 2018.

Selling Brexit: How ‘Not Tonight’ Proved Games Can Be Political After All

“No More Robots’ Not Tonight is a Papers Please-style challenge set in a post-Brexit dystopia – and it’s proved a hit with players and the press. Join Mike Rose to find out how that happened and how politics can give your game the edge.”

Getting Game Funding through Tax Relief

“his always-popular discussion with the BFI reveals how you can apply for funding through the government’s tax relief for UK game creators, with first-hand insight from Bithell Games’ Alexander Sliwinski.”

Publishers speak: does your game need to be streamable?

“Now that games are instantly lost in the Steam store, indies are turning to Twitch for a shot of much-needed publicity. Is it a gold rush you can still join, or has the moment passed? Join a panel of indie publishers to find out.”

Mastering User Generated Content: How To Make Huge Games With Tiny Teams.

“You don’t a big team to have a big hit. Hear from Freejam Games’ Andy Griffiths and Alex Mein about how they leveraged user generated content to become one of the 15 most installed games on Steam, and to find out how they’re applying those lessons to their next game, CardLife.”

Beyond Blue Planet II – How Do You Make A Game About Earth’s Last Uncharted Frontier?

“Take a dive into what led to the creation of Beyond Blue, the spiritual successor to the BAFTA-winning Never Alone, in this exclusive look behind the scenes of the collaboration between E-Line Media and the BBC’s Blue Planet II. Join Beyond Blue’s Creative Director Michael Angst and BBC Studios’ Head of Digital Entertainment & Games Bradley Crooks as they provide a look at the game and discuss the challenges of crafting an interactive experience of Earth’s last uncharted frontier.”


That closes out day 1 of the panels be sure to check out similar articles covering the rest of EXG 2018 and help support OutofLives and EXG.


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