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I've just finished watching the first 3 seasons of Line of Duty on Netflix (UK) which feels like an excellent time to take a break and write about it

I’ve just finished watching the first 3 seasons of Line of Duty on Netflix (UK) which feels like an excellent time to take a break and write about it. This may get a bit spoilery later on, so keep an eye out for the warning if you don’t want to see any of those. In general terms though, I have to say that Line of Duty is pretty good. I’ve been enjoying the stories, characters and the tone of the show across the three series I’ve watched thus far.

Following the Anti-Corruption unit AC-12 as they investigate other police officers and attempt to hold them to account and to uphold the high standards expected of them is an excellent angle to follow. As we get a mixture of classic police drama investigation work with the added layer of the police themselves being investigated. It works. As does the fact that, being a British made show, the series are nice and short; 6 episodes of intriguing and fascinating story with no added faff or filler to up the episode count. As it should be.

That’s the general overview of things. As for more details I’m going to have to hit the spoiler button now.

DS Steve Arnott of AC12 wielding a presumably damning form in a classic manilla envelope


Nobody seems to be able to keep it in their pants. It is quite irritating to see several of the characters repeatedly make the same mistake of having sexual relations (which they then hide rather badly, more often than not) with someone they shouldn’t be. Be it a suspect, witness etc. I feel like there is more than enough drama in the show without this added irritation but that’s just my opinion.

This leads neatly into another complaint of mine. Considering that the investigators at AC-12 are supposed to be upholding standards within the police force and holding officers to account when they don’t meet those standards, wilfully or otherwise, they don’t have fall short themselves quite often. This isn’t an issue in itself but there’s a lack of consequence for these failings in my opinion. Credit where it is due, the character Lindsay Denton uses these failings to great effect to manipulate events and propel the narrative but it still feels like some things are glossed over a little.

Overall then, I’m enjoying the show. So if you’ll excuse me; I’m off to watch series 4.

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