LawBreakers, the Deux Ex: Mankind Divided Pre-Order and CBB

Sorry, did I say Titanfall 2? I meant to say LawBreakers

Hear me moan,

Cliff Bleszinski, the guy who introduced us to the chainsaw gun, has eventually shown off what he has been working on since departing Epic Games – Titanfall 2.

Sorry, did I say Titanfall 2? I meant to say LawBreakers. LawBreakers is basically the childhood game of Cops & Robbers, except the year is 2051 and gravity is super fucked up. Or it’s supposed to be, at least. From that game trailer alone (and that’s all I have to judge the game on) there doesn’t seem to be a lot of the titular law breaking – that is, breaking the laws of gravity.

Perhaps the most original thing I have seen so far is the title because all that wall-running and zipping across buildings is reminiscent of every other FPS set in the future. Unless LawBreakers can prove itself on its premise – manipulating gravity – I can’t see it gaining any ground on Call of Duty.

I didn’t like Gears of War and I don’t like First-Person-Shooters. I do, however, support the free-to-play model so my fingers are crossed that Boss Key Productions don’t treat us all like big, fat Moby Dicks.

And what the fuck is this noise!?
Deus Ex Mankind Divided Augment Pre-Order
That there is what can only be described as a pre-order skill tree. To celebrate the creation of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Square Enix are letting gamers ‘augment’ their pre-order. That’s very generous of them, to let gamers pick which pre-order bonuses they would like on Day One, but to unlock all the Tiers you have to pre-order Deus Ex as a community.

You see, each Tier is unlocked based on the number of pre-orders worldwide so if you want a pre-order bonus from Tier 4 (or you just want to play the game 4 days early) you’re going to have to dig deep into your Friends list and make every single one of them pre-order this game!

Either Square Enix are trying to unite the world under The New Order or this is some weird-ass crowd-funding pyramid scheme to make money.

Celebrity Big Brother is back. Again. Seriously, who is tuning into this shit on a regular basis? I shouldn’t have to justify why I despise this show. In actual fact, whoever does watch it is required to justify their immoral actions.
Celebrity Big Brother 2015
I used to watch Big Brother as a teen, seeking out the rare opportunity that some sex might happen on TV. If you’re still looking for the same thing as a grown adult you have better things to be worrying about – like your psyche, for example.

Big Brother appeals to a particular type of person and those persons aren’t allowed to consider me a friend.

In other news, Victoria Beckham has had another baby but this time it’s of the canine variety. The Beckham’s have recently bought a cocker spaniel and named the pooch Olive.
Cocker Spaniel Olive Beckham
Victoria took to Instagram and said, ‘meet Olive Beckham x our new baby’. And it is comments like that, folks, why you shouldn’t feel guilty for calling her a bitch.

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