The Handmade Fair, Dislike Button and TGS

I can’t wait to let everyone know how much I dislike their baby/pet/holiday photos

I’m posting this week’s excuse-of-an-entry a few days early because I’m super-busy attending Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Fair selling premium quality cotton fabric perfect for patchwork, quilting and dressmaking.

I had a spare moment last week to play Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and I’m not sure if the game sucks or if I’m terrible playing it. I’ve also dipped into Super Time Force Ultra, which is my favourite PS+ game this year, but it’s only inevitable that once the difficulty picks up I’ll get frustrated and take a mallet to the neighbour’s garden gnomes.

Facebook are working on a Dislike Button – music to my ears! I can’t wait to let everyone know how much I dislike their baby/pet/holiday photos, except Facebook are doing everything they can to create a Dislike Button that specifically prevents anyone from doing that.
Facebook Dislike Button
Fucking Facebook.

2015’s Tokyo Game Show happened this week so there should be more things for me to prod my demon claws at – all I can say is the samurai Oni character in For Honor looks like it’ll be the fast-but-weak class, and that ninja game Nioh looks pretty good but there’s something dated about the level design – forest corridors that force you forward into numerous waves of enemies reminds me of Ninja Gaiden on the original Xbox – and that shouldn’t surprise anyone, considering Nioh is an unreleased PS3 game.

Fucking PS3.

In other news, a bunch of headless kids were discovered under a public school in a remote part of Scotland. The actual story is the complete opposite of how I just described it but let this be a lesson in Internet Journalism 101; never tell the truth, blow shit out of proportion.

That’s me done. I can’t wait to get this craft show out of the way so I can refocus on lamenting about games, films and TV.

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