Why the Vita is in a Perfect Place For Sony

When you combine that with the PS+ free games on offer and the PS4 functionality such as remote play you have quite the package to keep people using the Vita.

E3, Gamescom and Paris Games Week have all came and gone with barely a peep spoken about the Vita by Sony, except to say that there are no 1st party titles in development, and all indications are that PSX next month will be no different. There has been a lot of lamenting the death of Sony’s handheld console, but is it really dead?

I don’t think so and I don’t think it failed either.

Of course in terms of hardware sales it hasn’t set the world on fire, compared to the numbers of 3DS sold by Nintendo it looks like a failure, but that’s hardly a fair measure since the 3DS has been a wildfire success much like Wii was in the home console space.

But in terms of software sales it has exceeded expectations, people who have bought Vitas have been buying games, a lot of them. This has resulted in the level of 3rd party support for the Vita remaining solid and even increasing. So long as that demand remains, these games will keep turning a profit and the publishers and devs will keep putting them on there.

When you combine that with the PS+ free games on offer and the PS4 functionality such as remote play you have quite the package to keep people using the Vita. With the relatively low buy in cost of a decent bundle now there will still be some sales as people decide maybe remote play alone is enough reason to get one so they can keep gaming while someone else uses the TV and so on.
So the Vita has in fact become something of a success, it’s sold enough that it will easily have made Sony it’s money back on R&D costs plus the software sales and the cut they will receive for hosting 3rd party games.

It definitely didn’t fail but I certainly wouldn’t expect to see a Vita 2 or even a redesign any time soon.

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