PSVR – Immersive Experience or Immersive Excrement

last week arrived; and it all went a little flaccid.

Up until last week I firmly believed that Playstation VR was going to warrant the alleged £400 price tag. Up until last week I was firmly under the impression that the power encapsulated in my black box of beauty coupled with the creativity of VR would mean that I would be blown away by my gaming experiences in the future. Up until last week I was blissfully expecting that AAA studios would be showing me what I have to look forward to in the VR landscape for 2016 and BEYOND. Then last week arrived; and it all went a little flaccid.

For personal reasons the PSX conference fell on a day full of frustration and built up anger (see picture and take a guess) and I will admit that the PSX may just be feeling the brunt of the built up tension but what I saw did nothing but trigger a foul mouth tirade towards SCE. Who the hell are they to not give me what I wanted from the conference; what WE wanted from the conference. Yes I know I may be speaking out of turn for some of you but my interest in PS VR has retreated so far back, the “fence” which I could sit on in well informed debate has disappeared quicker than Scotland’s chances for independence in the referendum.

It all got a little bit heated...

It all got a little bit heated…

Yes PSX seemed to be a conference for the indie scene. The smaller studios being given the grandest stage of them all to showcase their talents- But where was the big VR announcement? Where was the aptly named Lee Chesnalavage ‘Drop the Mic’ moment? Lights flashing music blaring strut off stage and set down the gauntlet for its VR competitors? Nowhere to be seen!

Reading this now you will be shouting at the screen about Ace Combat 7 and Rez! Modern Zombi Taxi Co? WTF?! You could quite rightly argue that I’m purely demonstrating my narrow minded tastes when it comes to PS but I wanted something to look forward to. I wanted the big AAA studio to draw the line in the sand and proclaim its place as the King in this game of who will be seated in the VR throne. Everything on show felt like a brightly coloured cartoon- and that’s fine if you are that way inclined but for me it was a damp squib of a conference and a piss poor segment for VR. Even if you looked past that, the demo for the VR wouldn’t even work properly! The disc throwing example that they showed on stage was horrible with the demonstrator “losing his hands”. If this “is a taste what Playstation VR is all about” then I want nothing to do with it.

When cooler heads prevail it could simply be that the VR segment needed to fit the rest of the theme that Sony were going for. But when you feel so invested in a product and a company for so long is it wrong to feel so cheated? Much like the average football fan paying for a ticket with his hard earned cash and then voicing his opinion at a game (I tick that box as well), Playstation owners- hell, all console owners have the right to voice their opinion. Much like the Vince McMahon, Brett Hart and Shawn Michael’s ‘Montreal Screw job’ we all just played a part in the PSX VR Screw Job.

Yo Sony- Come at me Bro.

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