Will it all Unravel?

Yarny represents the connection between all the important events in your life.

On the 9th of February we have not one, but two interesting games coming, Unravel and Firewatch. If you’ve listened to the Out of the Xfire podcast you will no doubt have heard both of these mentioned.
Firewatch is far and away one of the most anticipated games of the year across the board it seems, which is fantastic news because it looks awesome and has an interesting concept for the gameplay mechanics. I am definitely excited for it but it seems Unravel has been a little overlooked.

I’ll admit, Unravel fell off my radar a little bit. The E3 reveal was brave, having the guy who came up with the idea stand up there and try and sell it to us instead of a bigwig executive was bold. EA deserve a pat on the back for that, well done EA. But then I sort of decided that Firewatch was the game I wanted to play at the expense of Unravel. I think now though, I’ll play both.

This little trailer about little Yarny (the protagonist in Unravel), the inspiration behind him and what he represents really brought me back around to it. You can watch it here:

Yarny represents the connection between all the important events in your life. It has a very powerful and emotional idea behind it. I hope it succeeds with what it’s trying to do. This video blew my theory that it was a metaphor for death out the water… so I’m interested to see what it really is about.

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