Pokken Outsells Street Fighter V

Pokken Goes for the knockout!

Heres somthing nobody expected:

The Console version of Pokkén Tournament is currently outselling Street Fighter V. VGChartz Is reporting a difference of ten thousand copies between the two fighting titles. Street Fighter V on PS4 selling 670,000 and Pokkén Tournament on Wii U selling 680,000.

Street Fighter V was out first, hitting stores February 16 for both PS4 and PC. However it’s launch was marred by issues and many features were broken. All was fixed a few days later with a patch but by then its reputation was a more than a little tarnished.

Pokkén Tournament on the other hand launched world wide for the Wii U on March 18 to mostly positive reviews.

The Wii U system is trailing far behind its current console competitors in sales So this is an interesting comparison and although Street fighter 5’s combined sales on the PS4 and PC puts It well ahead at 690,000 units, it’s a great achievement for a system largely forgotten in this generation. We should also note this is for the physical releases of the game.

Let’s hope its sales numbers show Nintendo there is still a market for more Titles on the system.





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