Fenix Furia Coming To Xbox One – Trailer

New and Improved

Three man, Costa Rican development team, Green Lava Studios, are bringing Fenix Furia to Xbox One.

Fenix Furia was originally released on the PC in 2014 under the title of Fenix Rage but as the development team went to create an improved console version of the game, another video game corporation registered the word ‘rage’ in Costa Rica; this led to the team having to change the name of the game for consoles.

This new improved version of the original game came about after the team looked back at every review and changed what players didn’t like. Because of this they’ve made the following changes.


  • 25% of the levels were re-designed
  • The soundtrack in longer and better
  • The randomised elements were eliminated
  • The most difficult levels were tuned so it never felt like you need luck to win
  • A new character was added – Undead Fenix
  • They added split-screen 2 player mode


Fenix Furia arrives on Xbox One this June 8th.

Fenix Furia coming soon to Xbox One




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