UPDATE: Microsoft To Unveil A New Xbox At E3

According to Kotaku and Brad Sams anyway...


Polygon is now reporting that the “Scorpio” Xbox will be Twice as Powerful as PS4K Neo

The PS4K codenamed “Neo” will have an upgraded GPU which is rumoured to output around 4.2 teraflops of computer power. A quick Google search revealed a teraflop is not a made up term. Well these new reports claim Microsoft may be about to one up that as they are targeting around 6 teraflops putting the “Scorpio” way head of the Neo. This would also make it 4 times more powerful than the current Xbox one.

Original Story:

Apparently Microsoft is preparing to unveil a smaller version of the Xbox One for release later this year, as well as a “more powerful” Xbox console in 2017.

This rumour is bought to you from Kotaku who claim they have received multiple reports that the Xbox One Slim will be announced at next month’s E3. They also claim that there is another Xbox currently in development under the codename Scorpio, which we will see next year. ‘Scorpio’ will support 4K, have a “more powerful GPU” and the “technical capabilities” to support the Oculus Rift.

xbox one

This is not Scorpio, This is Steve.

This isn’t the first time we have heard rumors of an updated Xbox, earlier this year Phil Spencer made comments about the possibility of a new console saying:

“We believe we will see more hardware innovation in the console space than we’ve ever seen, We’ll see us come out with new hardware capability during a generation and allow the same games to run backwards and forward compatible because we have UWAs (Universal Windows Applications) running on top of UWP (Universal Windows Platforms). It allows us to focus on hardware innovation without invalidating the games that run on that platform.
“We can effectively feel a little bit more like what we see on PC where I can still go back and run my old Quake and Doom games, but then I can also see the best 4K games coming out. Hardware innovation continues and software takes advantage. I don’t have to jump generation and lose everything I played before.”

Guys...This is the wrong Phil Spencer...

Guys…This is the wrong Phil Spencer…

Kotaku are not the only people claiming we will see a huge announcement from Microsoft. Today Brad Sams, a reporter who focuses on everything Microsoft, put out an episode of his podcast “Sams Report”. Sams claims he has a “pile of documents” that he has been “sitting on for a while” that hold information on what Microsoft is planning. Brad Sams actually revealed the existence of the Xbox Elite controller so this isn’t the first time he has leaked information.

He also claims Microsoft is planning to release new hardware at E3 2016. He says the Xbox Mini is real, which is in keeping with the above kotaku rumor.

Sams then reports that Microsoft is planning two streaming devices to be revealed at E3, one in the size of a Chromecast used just for streaming and another bigger one with the ability to run apps and play games. The smaller one priced at around $100 and the bigger one at $175.

He then goes on to claim a new Xbox is coming that will allow 4K video playback, but not 4K gaming. Sams also believes that next year Microsoft will introduce a new hardware infrastructure for the console and will have built-in VR.

Like this... but bigger!

Like this… but bigger!

So what exactly is happening over at Microsoft? I suggest you take these rumors with a mountain of salt until proven otherwise. All will be revealed at E3 Microsoft’s press conference scheduled for Monday, June 13.

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