PS4 Sales to hit 60 million within a year predicts Sony

Console sales go up while the rest goes down

Originally posted by Mark Stewart

Sony has made the forecast in a recent earnings call that it will sell 20 Million consoles this financial year. This would bring their total PS4 sales to over 60 Million by the end of March 2017. This predicted 8.3% increase in console sales on the previous year is amidst a forecast that most other segments within Sony would see a predicted decrease in income over the same time period.

These console sales should be assisted halfway through the fiscal year by the launch of PSVR which will revitalise the main console, but there was no word whether these figures would include sales of the rumoured “PS4 Neo”.


The PSVR may help bring about the predicted increase in console sales.

This is a rapid growth in comparison to the PS3 which only sold around 85 Million units since launching over 10 years ago, but it does put the PS4 on track to join the selection of consoles that have sold over 100 Million in their lifetime, which includes the PS1 and PS2.

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