Former Fable Devs Bringing Fable Card Game to Kickstarter

Albion is alive!

After the sad and unfortunate closing of Lionhead Studios back in April it appeared we had said goodbye to Albion, Fable and its many people. Well it now seems we were wrong, sort of.

Ex-Lionhead veterans (Craig Oman, Mike West and Marcus Lynn) got together after the closure and created indie studio ‘Flaming Fowl Studios’ and now they are bringing Fable back to the masses. The new studio has begun a Kickstarter campaign for a new Fable Card Game ‘Fable Fortune’ which was being developed while still at Lionhead. Best of all, Microsoft have given their blessing for the new studio to go ahead with their project and still use the Fable licence.

Without a publisher Flaming Fowl Studios has turned to Kickstarter to finish their work. The Kickstarter campaign for the game starts on May 31st and the new studio is hoping to raise $250,000 in a four-week period. Flaming Fowl has also stated that they hope for a closed Beta a few weeks after the Kickstarter campaign ends and an open Beta on Xbox One and PC in October. The final game is expected in late 2017.

Fable Fortune is said to be familiar to those who play Hearthstone. Players will choose from eight planned deck-altering heroes and aim to take opponents health down to zero using a variety of spell types. The game is also aiming for a full online co-op mode against A.I bosses.

Mike West told IGN,

“We’re looking to build this game with the fans and then potentially morph and change things about the game over time. This is our starting position – we need to find out what people want from a CCG, and we’re ready to talk to them.”

Craig Oman added,

“I think this is something that Fable fans are going to enjoy. We’re definitely very keen to keep giving them new and interesting things. We have the ability to add new creatures and characters to this game and the world of Albion. I think we can certainly give them that Fable fix that they’ll be looking for.”

If you would like to know more information about the game or the Kickstarter campaign visit the studios website.



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