John Boyega Lands Lead Role in Pacific Rim 2

Cancel the apocalypse for a second time!

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Pacific Rim 2 aka Pacific Rim Maelstrom is finally becoming a reality after what seemed to be a doomed sequel.

Today we learned that John Boyega will be playing the lead in Pacific Rim 2 and his character will be the son of Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba) which brings up many questions of where the plot is going, not only this but the film is targeting Q4 of this year to begin filming and Boyega’s production company will be producing the film.


Jaegers from Pacific Rim

The film was greenlit after the first movie did surprisingly well at the Chinese box office and the original director Guillermo Del Toro was set to return, the film underwent budget changes and re-writes  and eventually the film  was seemingly shelved. Del Toro then announced that Steven S.Deknight would be replacing him as director and marking Deknights directorial debut.

Pacific Rim was an amazing experience at the cinema and is still a great movie to pick up, switch off and enjoy as realistic looking giant robots fight giant monsters! Check the trailer for the first film below.

Pacific Rim - Official Main Trailer [HD]

No release date was given for Pacific Rim 2 or if it is still called Maelstrom although summer 2018 would look to be the likely  based on the proposed production timetable.

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