Doom Getting DLC And Free Updates Coming

Unto The Evil

Bethesda has announced a new upcoming downloadable content pack for its first-person shooter Doom, called Unto The Evil. The DLC pack was revealed during Bethesda’s conference at E3 2016 today, and will include three new multiplayer maps, a new demon, new armour, taunts, and more. It will be rolling out “in a couple of months.”

Bethesda also detailed new updates that will be rolling out over the coming months, free for all players. Multiplayer will be getting two new modes: a capture-the-flag mode called Exodus, and a new multizone capture mode named Sector. There will also be new free-for-all modes, including classic deathmatch.

Doom’s SnapMap game and level editor will be getting free updates that add new modules, props, and functionality, which Bethesda hopes will help players in creating “true single player” experiences.


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