The Strain Season 3 Trailer

Vampires Vs Humans

The vampire series from Guillermo del Toro is back with the first official trailer for season 3. It looks like the pointy toothed fiends have now compleatly taken over the city.

Corey Stoll, Mía Maestro, David Bradley, Kevin Durand, Richard Sammel, Jack Kesy, Miguel Gomez, and Robin Atkin Downes are all returning for the 10 episode series.

Here’s the official plot synopsis:

As season three begins, New York City is a battleground. Written off by the federal government, the people of New York City must fight for survival on their own. The question is who will win? Humans or strigoi? Our heroes win victories, but are not winning the war. Beset by personal conflicts – betrayal, disappointment, paranoia – our group is splintering… Meanwhile, the Master is close to executing an irreversible transformation of the world. Is there still hope to save the city and humanity.

The strain returns August 28th.


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