Out of Heroes Episode 1B – News & Rumours

Check out Part Two of the first ever Superhero podcast

In part two of this weeks podcast, Alex, Stuart and Scott discuss all the latest developments in the world of Comics and comic-related TV, Movies and Video Games.

They cover all the biggest Superhero games that came out of E3, including Insomniac’s PS4 exclusive – Spider-Man, NetherRealm’s sequel to their smash hit brawler – Injustice 2, and TellTale’s latest venture – Batman.

There’s some Flash news, with Grant Gustin dropping hints about Season 3, and Mark Millar has been hyping the return of Kick Ass and Hit Girl.

The boys also discuss what’s coming up from DC and Marvel Comics, including new Rebirth titles on the way and Marvel’s post-Civil War II status quo.

This podcast is enhanced for video viewers, with clips from trailers, gameplay footage, and full-screen images.

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Out of Heroes - Episode 01B - News & Rumours


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