Bioshock The Collection Remastered Announced (Trailer)

Rapture or Columbia?

2K has announced Bioshock: The Collection, a remastered version of Ken Levine’s trilogy of first-person shooter horror/action games.

It’s been nine years since Irrational Games and 2K took you on a terrifying journey to the depths of the underwater city of Rapture with BioShock. Five years since you returned to Rapture in BioShock 2 and a further three years since you grabbed a skyhook and sailed across the floating city of Columbia in BioShock Infinite. Now on September 16th, 2016 you can relive these award-winning adventures or experience them for the very first time remastered for current-gen consoles and digital PC with BioShock: The Collection.

BioShock: The Collection Remastered includes all three BioShock games, complete with all single-player DLC and a never-before-seen video series with commentary from Ken Levine.

BioShock The Collection - Announcement Trailer


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