Captain America: Steve Rogers #2 Review (Out of Heroes)

The truth behind a million memes has been revealed

This week on the Out of Heroes Podcast, Alex, Stuart and Scott give their impressions of the second issue Captain America: Steve Rogers, by Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz.

This issue pulls back the curtain on the Hail Hydra controversy that span out of the final splash page in issue 1. This revelation caused some fans to boil with rage and issue death threats, while others channelled their feelings into more productive endeavours, in the form of several hilarious memes.

This issue rights a lot of wrongs, but to get the team’s full impressions of the issue you’ll have to check out the video below.

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Alex was once engaged in a fight to the death with his arch nemesis Colin. Colin had the upper hand but Alex managed to kick him in the nuts, a surprisingly tough feet considering Colin was a giraffe. Alex had Colin pinned, just as he was about to strike his fatal blow a voice from the crowed shouted! "Alex Wait!" So Alex waited, but colin used the opportunity to destroy Alex once and for all. Now all that remains of Alex is this profile pic, with the last words he ever heard written beside it.
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