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The CW are doing a better job of having a cohesive cinematic universe than the movies at this moment in time. With the acquisition of Supergirl to its shows we now have four DC TV shows on the CW and it seems like the telematic universe is in full swing.

Recently Wentworth Miller was given a series regular contract across all shows, Miller plays Captain Cold who was last seen in Legends of Tomorrow and now John Barrowman aka Malcolm Merlyn  has also been given the same deal. This means Malcolm Merlyn can appear on Arrow as well as Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl.


Barrowman as Merlyn on Arrow

Barrowman was given a series regular role on Arrow from season 3 but he had previously appeared in the first two seasons, he later appeared on The Flash during the Legends of Tomorrow set up episode.

Expect to see more of these type of deals for the cast to be popping up and to see more familiar faces on Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and now Supergirl. What this is all leading up to can be anyone’s guess but with hints from the finale of Legends of Tomorrow perhaps we will see the formation of the Justice Society interesting times in the DC telematic universe over on CW.

For all things Arrow and the DCCW Telematic Universe keep tuned to Out of Lives.

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