New Nintendo NX Details Possibly Revealed

According to various "sources"

A number of new details have reportedly been leaked about the upcoming Nintendo NX according to Eurogamer.

Eurogamer claims to have a number of sources on the inside giving them new information on the secret Nintendo console. Here is what they have been told.


NX will act as a “high-powered handheld console” with, of course, its very own display but what makes it different is the fact the “screen is bookended with two controller sections on either side” which according to the site can be “attached or detached”. Without any images to visualise the system it really is hard to picture how this thing will look.

The NX will also have a dock station at home that allows you to place the brain of the system, in the handheld, into the base so you can display it on your home TV. The new console will use cartridges as its choice of physical media. Now while this may seem appealing to the older gamers out there it will certainly limit the size of games. However, if digital downloads are available, which they presumably will be, maybe the cartridges will act as more of a cosmetic thing and simply enable the download of a full game.

Eurogamer has also reported the console will utilise a new operating system, although it won’t be android based as rumoured previously.

Finally, NX will feature Nvidia’s mobile processor Tegra. The source told the website that Nintendo “won’t be chasing graphical fidelity” much like previous iterations of their consoles.

Nintendo NX is due to arrive in March of 2017 and as of yet Nintendo haven’t confirmed or denied any of these new claims. We’ll keep you updated should any more news release.





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