Your Xbox Gamertag Can Now Expire

Provided you go missing for 5 years

If you’re attached to your Gamertag on Xbox you might want to make sure you sign into your account once every five years because Microsoft has made a change to their Service Agreement meaning Gamertags will be repurposed after a 5-year inactive period. The changes will come into effect September 15th.

Now I know 5 years is a long time and it’s not like you’re at risk from losing your ‘el1t3sn1p3z’ Gamertag, even if you’re a casual player, but those who have moved over to PS4 this generation may want to sign in once in a while just in case they want to return to their Xbox sometime in the future.

However don’t worry if you do lose your Gamertag, Microsft confirmed to that you’ll still keep your purchased content provided your Microsoft account is still active.

“The new policy in the Microsoft Services Agreement clarifies that after five years of inactivity on Xbox Services, the Gamertag may be repurposed. In that instance, the user with an active Microsoft account, and an inactive Xbox account, would still have access to Gamerscore, licenses and friends as long as the user is still able to access their Microsoft account.”

Like your Xbox account, you’ll have to sign into your Microsoft account every five years to keep that active as well.



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