Dead Rising Video Gives Sneak Peek at New Weapons

Frank West is a *beeping* bad mother *beeper*

Ever wanted a Slurpee tornado in your life?… Me too. Luckily Dead Rising 4 has you covered in a new ‘Behind the scenes with Dead Rising 4’ video released by Xbox.

The new video showcases a number of new weapons heading the way of main protagonist Frank West including the aforementioned Slurpee tornado gun (yummy) and the exciting military grade exo-suit – which you can use to literally tear a zombie a new A-hole with.

Return to Willamette: Behind the Scenes with Dead Rising 4

The short video also gives us a brief look at the new zombie types heading to the game, including the overly aggressive ‘Freshly Infected’ and the evasive ‘Evos’.

Dead Rising 4 arrives on Xbox One December 6th, but the game has been confirmed as a timed exclusive. Expect it to arrive next year on PS4 and Steam.



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