Mafia 3 – Did Someone Say Day One Patch?

"a situation where the game has not lived up to standards expected"

This week it was announced that Mafia would not be getting any pre-release copies for review ahead of its October 7th release date, but with no reason cited we were wondering if this embargo would leave us in a situation where the game has not lived up to standards expected, or could we have a surprise like DOOM that also had similar circumstances.

Today whilst looking randomly on facebook we came across a Video from a supposed tester of the game, advising not Pre-order due to the physics engine being “Broken” Including Cars that Can Jump twenty feet in the air for no reason and as demonstrated in the video below over exaggerated character reactions to explosions and bullets.



This video is scary considering how close to release the Game is meant to be, could this of been the reason why no review copies are being sent to sites like ourself?

We here at Out Of Lives have Mafia 3 down as one of our most anticipated titles, and Hope that a Day 1 patch will resolve all these issues before release in the next week.




We'd take our Mum's advice and "Get a life" but then we'd have to rebrand!
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