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This month, on the surface, looks a little light for Amazon Prime Video & Netflix. However, dig a little deeper, and there is some real gold to dig into!...

This month, on the surface, looks a little light for Amazon Prime Video & Netflix. However, dig a little deeper, and there is some real gold to dig into! Here are my TV highlights for what’s new this month!

Red Oaks – Season 2

Amazon Prime Video

Red Oaks returns for a second season to Amazon Prime Video. A “coming-of-age” comedy set in the ’80’s, viewers can live through their nostalgic emotions while watching this show, which is clearly designed to strum the strings of the past. As a graduate from Amazon’s 2014 pilot season, this home-grown comedy should be a great view for those “of an age”.

Red Oaks Season 1 - Official Trailer [HD] | Prime Video

The Crown – Season 1


Netflix continue their trend of releasing high quality shows across the genres with this new entry. Looking at the early days of Elizabeth II’s reign, this show stars Claire Foy, John Lithgow and Matt Smith amongst others. Bringing high production quality as standard, the Crown looks like it will be a great watch!

The Crown | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Grand Tour

Amazon Prime Video

What is there to say about The Grand Tour? Most people already know the history behind this show, and love them or hate them, the Top Gear team are hot property. After their departure from the BBC, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May join up under the Amazon banner to bring their special brand of automobile journalism to the small screen. Expect cars, nonsense and whatever their brand of comedy is. The Grand Tour comes weekly to Amazon.

The Grand Tour | Season 1 | Official Trailer

W1A – Season 2


Continuing series W1A is one of the finest examples of current-day BBC comedy. Following on from Twenty-Twelve, W1A looks inside the modern day BBC. Meetings, project plans and cappuccinos join up with Hugh Bonneville, Jessica Hynes and Sarah Parish to make you laugh out loud and cringe in equal measure. If you haven’t seen Twenty-Twelve, or season 1 of W1A – go and do that. Now.

W1A: Trailer - BBC Two

That’s my highlights for the month! There is much much more to enjoy this month on the small screen, but here is a taster to get you going. For a full listing of what is coming in November, see the full sheets on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

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