Should Pokémon Be Released On The Nintendo Switch?

Guest author Allan Rafferty brings us his thoughts.

Another guest author graces our pages today. Allan Rafferty is a writer, blogger, video editor and Youtube content creator. Today he brings us his thoughts on the upcoming Nintendo Switch.

Whenever Nintendo release a new console I am always left with one question on my mind; will there be a Pokémon game on it? And I’m not talking about attempted fighter games like Pokkén Tournament or random extras like Pokémon Rumble, I want a full blown RPG on a home console.

Of course every time this question is asked, the answer is unfortunately only on a portable (unless you class Colosseum and Gale of Darkness, which I don’t). But now that the Nintendo Switch boasts three separate ways of gaming, could this change the way that Pokémon is released? And what about the Nintendo 3DS? Could the games be released on both consoles?

The biggest problem with releasing on both consoles is that the Switch has 32GBs of memory whereas the 3DS comes only with a 4GB SD card. Naturally, this would mean the 3DS version would have to be highly compressed compared to the Switch version, though don’t worry loyal 3DS owners, there is a fix.

In theory, if you were to buy a bigger SD for your 3DS you would be able to get the same game, though this could prove inconvenient to those who will have to purchase a new SD and the game itself. Essentially, Pokémon could be released on both, but either way, the 3DS owners would have to make a sacrifice.

What do you think? Should the next generation of Pokémon games be released on the Switch? On the 3DS? Or both?

You can find Allan at @AJRafferty on Twitter, let him know your thoughts on his work!

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    2 March 2017 at 3:26 am
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    Fucking shitty post. You don’t even talk about the title of the subject you’s re writing about. You talk about SD cards more than anything else. If they were developing a game for the switch what would be the point of making it for the 3ds since it would need to be it’s own game and if it was being developed on 3ds then it wouldn’t matter because 3ds games come on cartridges.God the stupidity here is unreal. You have no clue how things work.

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