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As we approach the end of June, we find ourselves thinking of really anything but binge watching movies and series on Netflix. With children finishing school, holidays planned and...

As we approach the end of June, we find ourselves thinking of really anything but binge watching movies and series on Netflix. With children finishing school, holidays planned and barbeques to enjoy, we may well forget that even this gloriously sunny month sees the end of some great shows and movies on Netflix. Here are my picks of things to watch, before they leave your screens!

26th June 2017

Clouds of Sils Maria

[IMDB: 6.7, Rotten Tomatoes: 89%]

“A film star comes face-to-face with an uncomfortable reflection of herself while starring in a revival of the play that launched her career.”

29th June 2017

45 Years

[IMDB: 7.1Rotten Tomatoes: 97%]

“A married couple preparing to celebrate their wedding anniversary receives shattering news that promises to forever change the course of their lives.”


[IMDB: 7.0Rotten Tomatoes: 88%]

“Mark and Dave Schultz, U.S. Olympic Wrestling champions, join Team Foxcatcher led by multimillionaire John E. du Pont as they train for the 1988 games in Seoul – but John’s emotional self-destruction threatens to consume them all.”

Hacking The Planet

[IMDB: 7.8]

“Scientists around the world develop new ways to control lightning, earthquakes and other natural phenomena to protect lives and property.”

30th June 2017

Big School

[IMDB: 6.8]

“Deputy Head of Science, Mr Church has been at Greybridge School for 15 years. He is about to resign after a dramatic experiment. However, the arrival of the new French teacher changes everything.”


[IMDB: 5.2Rotten Tomatoes: 19%]

“A special ops squad is assigned to investigate a distress signal sent from a distant planet. But when they arrive, the team discovers that aliens have already wiped out most of the population, and there’s no one left to save — except themselves.”

The Interview

[IMDB: 6.6Rotten Tomatoes: 51%]

“Dave Skylark and his producer Aaron Rapoport run the celebrity tabloid show “Skylark Tonight”. When they land an interview with a surprise fan, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, they are recruited by the CIA to turn their trip to Pyongyang into an assassination mission.”


[IMDB: 7.4Rotten Tomatoes: 69%]

“With the help of a mysterious pill that enables the user to access 100 percent of his brain abilities, a struggling writer becomes a financial wizard, but it also puts him in a new world with lots of dangers.”


[IMDB: 8.5Rotten Tomatoes: 94%]

“A promising young drummer enrols at a cut-throat music conservatory where his dreams of greatness are mentored by an instructor who will stop at nothing to realise a student’s potential.”

14th July 2017

The Life of Mammals

[IMDB: 9.2]

“Naturalist David Attenborough hosts this in-depth examination of the most diverse class of life on Earth: mammals, from the smallest shrew to the biggest whales and the most advanced primates.”

The Life of Birds

[IMDB: 9.0]

“David Attenborough’s documentary series is the definitive film exploration of Earth’s most colorful creatures: birds. Researchers traverse the globe, exploring 42 countries and examining more than 300 species.”


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