South Park: The Fractured But Whole Episode Guide!

The essential episodes to set you up for the new game...

South Park is back on our consoles and PC in the form of Ubisoft’s South Park The Fractured But whole! The game follows the South Park as they don their superhero alter-egos to fight crime across the town. However this isn’t the first time we have seen these super characters, so before you jump into the game why not catch on these essential Coon and friends episodes:

Season 13 Episode 2 – “The Coon”
Season 14 Episodes 11 – “Coon 2: Hindsight”
Season 14 Episodes 12 – “Mysterion Rises”
Season 14 Episodes 13 – “Coon vs. Coon and Friends”
Season 21 Episode 4 – “Franchise Prequel”

However, if you don’t have the means to watch old episodes of south park fear not! i’ve got your back, below you can find a full synopsis for each episode to refresh your memory or fill in the gaps!


Season 13 Episode 2 – “The Coon”

Donning a disguise modeled after a raccoon, Cartman becomes a vigilante dubbed “The Coon”, who attempts to wipe out crime in South Park. Though Cartman tries to raise awareness about The Coon through word of mouth, nobody pays much attention to the Coon’s efforts. When he reports “crimes” (such as mistaking a man innocently trying to kiss his date for a rapist) to the police department, he is threatened with jail time and snubbed off. During class, Cartman tries to hype up an appearance from the Coon, saying he will be on the roof of a Walgreens later that evening. Cartman (as the Coon) shows up to the spot to find another child superhero named “Mysterion”, who is far more successful in garnering appreciation as a crime-stopping icon from the police and South Park citizens who want to know just “Who is Mysterion?” Cartman is angered by his lack of popularity and the attention Mysterion is receiving.

Coon decides to rid the town of Mysterion, enlisting the help of Professor Chaos (Butters) and his sidekick General Disarray (Dougie). Unlike the Coon, Professor Chaos and General Disarray have become as familiar to the residents of South Park as Mysterion. Butters also wants to know the identity of Mysterion but can only narrow the list of suspects to the boys from Mr. Garrison’s 4th-grade class whose shapes do not differ greatly from that of others. In contrast, he has nearly pinned down Coon’s identity to a few fat celebrities, and Cartman. In a scheme to uncover Mysterion’s identity, the Coon convinces Professor Chaos to threaten the destruction of a hospital unless Mysterion reveals his identity. After the Coon plants the TNT and leaves to buy detonators, Mysterion unexpectedly arrives. He points out that this is not Professor Chaos’ usual style, and fights Professor Chaos and General Disarray on top of the building. A crowd forms below and cheers on Mysterion as the police take no actions, believing that their bullets are no match for Professor Chaos’ aluminum foil armor. Dramatically, the Coon appears to fight on the side of Mysterion, with the hopes that he too will be hailed as a hero. At that point, Professor Chaos and General Disarray runoff in defeat. After their victory, the Coon convinces Mysterion to unmask himself by claiming such threats to public safety will continue until Mysterion’s secret is revealed.

Despite the threat of imprisonment, Mysterion unmasks himself, showing the television viewers only the portion of his face that looks similar to almost all of Mr. Garrison’s 4th-grade class. The crowd, however, is shocked to learn Mysterion’s identity and, much to the regret of all except Coon, who says that he knew who Mysterion was, even calling him out on it at one point (though this helps the audience little as Cartman claimed that practically everyone in his class was Mysterion at times), Mysterion is hauled to prison. With Professor Chaos, General Disarray and Mysterion defeated, Cartman now perceives that he is the superhero in South Park and that every town should have a Coon like him.

Season 14 Episodes 11 – “Coon 2: Hindsight”

Cartman’s alter-ego, The Coon, now leads an entire team of crime-fighters, which includes fellow heroes Mysterion, Toolshed, Iron Maiden, TupperWear, Mosquito, Mint Berry Crunch, and Human Kite, although the Coon is intent on taking all the glory. A fire breaks out in a local apartment building, and the Coon gets his mother to drive them over. Before they can take any action, though, Captain Hindsight, a renowned hero, arrives at the burning hotel, telling them of safety measures that should have been taken and departs to a standing ovation. People are relieved, happy that Captain Hindsight has “solved” the problem and promptly abandon the still burning building, leaving fourteen people in the apartment to burn to death. In the aftermath, the Coon concludes that they will need to get Captain Hindsight to join them in order to regain their former glory. He is unsuccessful in recruiting Captain Hindsight and instead plans to blackmail him into joining by photoshopping Hindsight’s face onto images of a homeless person having sex with Courtney Love (actually Butters Stotch, alias Professor Chaos, in disguise).

Meanwhile, a BP drilling vessel drills a new hole in the Gulf, only to accidentally cause an oil leak in a protected zone, prompting one of the crewmen to exclaim “Oh, don’t tell me we did it again!” a reference to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. As they start trying to fix their mishap, the CEO of the company, Tony Hayward, immediately issues a “we’re sorry” campaign to try and avoid a severe public backlash, changing the name from “Beyond Petroleum” to “Dependable Petroleum” (DP) and announcing that “we no longer fuck the Earth, we DP it”. On a Coon & Friends meeting, the Coon explicitly states that he has no care for the people suffering from the DP spill, prioritizing his plans to blackmail Hindsight. Disagreeing with the Coon’s interests, the rest of the group vote, after which the Coon is reluctantly forced to go with Mosquito’s idea to set up a fundraising event in order to help the people affected by the DP crisis. The Coon viciously assaults Mosquito and Mint Berry Crunch (a reference to the film A Clockwork Orange) to regain control.

DP’s second drilling in an attempt to stem the oil spill accidentally opens up a gateway to another dimension, causing the entire gulf to be attacked by giant alien creatures. Hayward, after another “we’re sorry” campaign, determines that they will need to drill on the Moon in order to change the gravitational pull on the Earth and quell the swells on the ocean, which will allow them to place a cap on the gateway. Unfortunately, in the act of doing this, they inadvertently release Cthulhu, bringing 3000 years of darkness to earth, forcing Hayward to send out a third “we’re sorry” campaign. By that time, the Coon is unanimously kicked out of Coon and Friends due to his behavior conflicting with what the Friends want to accomplish, and his mother grounds him for swearing and beating up his friends. With Cartman no longer in control, and Captain Hindsight too distraught to save the day, the Friends go to fight Cthulhu themselves. Selfishly believing that his friends have “turned evil”, Cartman decides to take matters in his own hands.

Season 14 Episodes 12 – “Mysterion Rises”

The episode starts off with comic-like recap of the previous episode (“Coon 2: Hindsight”) before turning into a Batman-like title screen. The group is now led by Mysterion, although still called “Coon and Friends” (because it “pisses Cartman off beyond belief”, which Mysterion finds extremely funny), and hold a bake sale to aid those in the Gulf affected by Cthulhu’s arrival at the end of the previous episode, meeting a strange man who state their efforts to stop Cthulhu are futile. Coon and Friends then return to find that Captain Hindsight has ransacked their base looking for incriminating photos of him with Courtney Love. The boys reveal the pictures are fake and solely constructed by Cartman as blackmail, but Hindsight is too conflicted to believe them. Mysterion tells Hindsight that if he does not believe them, he has no choice but to pull the trigger. All the other heroes are shocked by this show of what can only be fearlessness or foolishness as Mysterion tells them to leave. While doing so, Human Kite (Kyle), among others, all too shocked to keep up the act, off-handedly calls Mysterion by his real name: Kenny to calm down. Hindsight soon reveals that he believes having perfect 20/20 hindsight to be nothing more than a curse, but Kenny easily makes it look like a joke compared to his own curse, namely, his familiar inability to die. It is revealed that every time Kenny dies, he simply wakes up in his bed the next day restored to full health. Furthermore, nobody seems to be able to remember his death, even if they witnessed it first hand.

While this occurs, Cartman is at the airport to make his way to Cthulhu, who delayed Cartman’s flight by defecating on the runway. After beating up a little girl (Cartman directly tells the audience that she is a villain), Cartman arrives at Cthulhu’s location and tries to get the attention of Cthulhu, so he can get revenge on his former team. However, Cthulhu is uninterested and leaves Cartman. Cartman then decides to be cute and adorable to manipulate Cthulhu. After introducing himself as “the little Coon” and rubbing Cthulhu’s belly (much like Mei from My Neighbor Totoro), Cartman befriends Cthulhu. He then calls a press conference and declares them the new, and this time trademarked, “Coon and Friends”. Along the way to South Park, Cartman and Cthulhu are shown destroying a synagogue and San Francisco. By then, after deliberating over his situation, Hindsight decides to remove his powers and resume being news reporter Jack Brolin, but after seeing an innocent person with an injured arm crying for his help, Brolin realizes that “Hindsight” should not have removed his powers.

Back at South Park, Coon and Friends learn about the cult of Cthulhu, and they discover that Kenny’s parents were a part of it. Kenny, who is understandably shocked, goes to his house to question them as Mysterion. During this, Mosquito reluctantly reveals himself to be Clyde, when his mother ordered him to take out the trash, and taking off a vuvuzela on his nose as if it was a mosquito’s proboscis. Kenny’s parents were only indirectly involved with the Cult of Cthulhu (they only went for the free beer), and he forces them to tell him whereabouts of the South Park chapter. Together with the other heroes, they go to the Cult meeting, and notice familiar faces (Mr. Adler, the Goth Kids, and the Star Trek nerds). Kenny, however, becomes alarmed over a line they say:

That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

He abandons his friends and confronts the Goth kids in an alley about what it means. The leader of the cult then shows up and asks for the Goth kids’ assistance in dispensing of Mysterion. Coon and Friends show up too late, as the leader takes Kindergoth’s switchblade and stabs Kenny in the chest. At this point, Human Kite turns out to be Kyle when he exclaims “You bastards!” in reaction to Kenny’s death. Inevitably, Kenny wakes up in his bed, unharmed. The rest of the Friends show up at his bedroom door asking him why he ran away from the cult and that they have to defeat Cthulhu, completely unaware of the fact that he just died. Kenny sighs in disappointment, ending the episode.

Season 14 Episodes 13 – “Coon vs. Coon and Friends”

Bradley Biggle, as Mint Berry Crunch is summarizing the previous episode in a comic book format. The boys raise concern over Mint Berry Crunch’s super powers, as they do not accept “the power of mint and berry with a satisfying tasty crunch” as a legitimate super power. While discussing powers, the boys ask Mysterion about his power. Mysterion boldly states that “I can’t die.” The other boys, who are only imagining their powers, casually take note. Mysterion sees that they are not taking him seriously, and with mounting frustration, he elaborates to them that “I really, really can’t die.” He tries to remind them that they witnessed him being stabbed to death the night before, but the other boys do not remember at all. In an attempt to prove his point, Mysterion shouts at them to remember, pulls out a handgun, and shoots himself in the head, leaving the boys in utter shock. However, much to the annoyance of Mysterion, they later completely forget about it when everyone including himself returns for another meeting on good deeds.

After providing his own distorted summary of the story so far, Cartman (after using the “LeBron James Technique” to confuse his mother into not grounding him) arrives and lures the heroes outside, where he orders Cthulhu to banish them to a dark oblivion. Mint Berry Crunch runs away and pretends to be heroic by watching Judge Judy, while the rest of the heroes are transported to R’lyeh. With that done, Cartman has Cthulhu head to the Burning Man festival to massacre hippies. At R’lyeh, seeing death as his only potential escape back to Earth and save his friends, Mysterion commits suicide by jumping into a pit of deadly spikes (complaining about the pain of this particular manner of death as he does so). Kenny awakens back in his bed and dons his Mysterion outfit, setting off to learn more about Cthulhu and his own powers in order to save his friends. He goes to Henrietta’s house, where she and the other Goth kids are complaining about Cthulhu not changing everything as they were made to believe, and claiming “It’s just like Obama”. Just then, Henrietta’s mother comes in and tells her that her brother, who turns out to be Bradley, wants to play with them. Upon entering the room, Bradley sees Mysterion and runs back to his room to change into his Mint Berry Crunch outfit. Meanwhile, the Goth kids tell Mysterion that Cthulhu can only be killed by another immortal, meaning that Kenny is seemingly the only one who has the power to stop Cthulhu’s rampage.

Followed by Mint Berry Crunch, Mysterion tracks down the Coon and Cthulhu as the latter have just finished massacring Justin Bieber and a number of his fans. After berating the Coon for re-making the world in his own image (something no superhero is meant to do), Mysterion challenges Cthulhu by offering him an easy win if he brings his friends back, only for Cthulhu to simply walk away after being influenced by the Coon’s “cute kitten” act. A bright light descends from the air and a man appears inside, who reveals himself to be Bradley’s biological father from a far away planet who sent his son to Earth to stop evil from taking over the Earth. Bradley, whose Mint Berry Crunch powers were actually real, manages to subdue Cthulhu, drag him back to the dimension from which he came, save the other heroes from oblivion, shut the hole which BP drilled into the Gulf of Mexico, and briefly return home to give the middle finger to his sister. With Cartman jailed at the Coon & Friends’ secret base, Mint Berry Crunch vanishes in a flash of light as the rest of the heroes express surprise that Bradley really did have superpowers. Mysterion, disappointed that he did not learn anything about his true past and identity, says he is going to bed and shoots himself in the head. That night, his mother suddenly gives birth to another new baby Kenny. Wrapping him in an orange hoodie, she remarks to his father that they never should have gone to those cult meetings.

Season 21 Episode 4 – “Franchise Prequel”

Eric Cartman and his classmates are planning to launch a superhero franchise with an original Netflix series for their “Coon and Friends” alter egos, but are slandered through fake news spread online through Facebook that damages their reputations. Netflix tells Cartman they cannot green-light the series without addressing the stories about them on Facebook. Butters Stotch (as Professor Chaos) is behind the scheme to spread lies, and refuses to stop when the boys ask. He has also started a company dedicated to using the website to spread fake news about people. The adults of South Park read the fake stories and believe the site is problematic for sharing them, but decide to invite its chairman Mark Zuckerberg to town so he can provide insight on the matter. During his speech, he does not address peoples’ concerns, instead annoying them by pretending to deflect their attempts to “block” him. Zuckerberg continues to irritate the townspeople by invading their homes and vehicles as well as eating their food. They complain to the police about his behavior, who insist they cannot interfere with Zuckerberg’s actions when he never breaks the law. Meanwhile, the boys learn that Butters has paid Zuckerberg to protect him, and cannot remove the fake stories about them from Facebook on their own. Cartman then plans to trick Zuckerberg into betraying Butters. He and the other boys attack him in front of the other townspeople, who cheer them on after Zuckerberg’s invasions. Cartman complains Zuckerberg was trying to stop the children from helping promote justice for black people, handicapped people, and Jewish people. Zuckerberg insists otherwise, but Cartman tells him “Facebook says it’s true” and reveals the fight had been recorded live on Facebook. He panics and shuts down the site to prevent the video from being spread further, ending Butters’ scheme for spreading fake news. When Butters’ father finds out about his scheme, he drags him to Moscow to punish both Butters and Vladimir Putin for giving him the idea in the first place. The boys are now able to proceed with their series plan, but then split up over the future plans for when games and movies within their franchise will be released.

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