Tanked Up 103 – The Dark Side of Gaming

This week features all three of us, huzzah!

This week features all three of us, huzzah! But we chat the darker side of gaming from Epic Games closing down Paragon after only 2 years to the arcade mode in Star Wars Battlefront 2 being tied to the mulitplayer for progression which has been designed around loot boxes and microtransactions. There are some positives though as we chat a little more Assassin’s Creed Origins because Lucy has started it. We then move onto the other game she’s been playing, Blossom Tales. To slightly redeem Battlefront 2 Ben really enjoyed the story mode.

This week Lucy drinks a Partizan and Beer 52 collaboration Fennel Gose and the  Northern Monk World Gone Sour IPA. Ben has a Double IPA from Fierce and Noble and the Big Poppa from Electric Bear. Aadil drinks a Brew By Numbers 11|26 Session IPA and finishes with the Northern Monk Patrons 2.03 City of Industry.


Ben is like a fine wine, he spends far to much time in cellars. He deliberately developed a stutter and a slur and walks with a limp to conceal his raging alcohol problem. Once beat up a fish for looking at him funny. Ben hosts the Tanked up podcast, but we are pretty sure he isn't aware of that.
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