Rampage – Movie Review

It's big dumb fun - nothing more, nothing less.

Rampage is based off the midway series of video games that began in 1986, is directed by Brad Peyton and stars Dwayne Johnson and Naomi Harris. Johnson who has unshakeable bond with a gorilla name George, but when genetic experiment gone awry transforms this gentle ape into a raging monster, he must team with a discredited genetic engineer to secure an antidote, fight his way through an ever-changing battlefield and somehow save his friend.

Let’s be honest with ourselves here Video game adaptations, as a rule, suck!

But It’s somewhat hilarious that all of these previous computer game movies, which have tried to bring to life the stories and characters from the console adventures, have been surpassed by Rampage, a film based on a largely plotless arcade game from the ’80s.

Rampage is certainly not a great film, heck I wouldn’t even call it a good film, but when measured against its own ambitions and how it delivers on them, then it totally earns some praises for that. It’s big dumb fun – nothing more, nothing less.

The film’s high concept isn’t going to win any awards, but almost everything the movie does works within the scope of its world and what it’s trying to do. It rarely takes itself too seriously, it relishes its occasional bad-ass one-liners, and it features three massive super-animals smashing a city (and each other). And it has The Rock.

Johnson’s ability to elevate anything he’s in is supremely under-rated. Here he adds welcome depth to his character with a performance that is surprisingly well-rounded and keeps the film from disappearing into a Sharknado of silliness. Sure, he flies helicopters and straps on a grenade launcher, but he also gives a wonderfully sensitive performance.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s “cowboy” government agent, who is the right blend of good/bad guy is the prefect combo with Johnson, their chemistry is off the hook and I was always left wanting more.

The Villains are the definition of terrible, writing and in acting, and its ending flat-out ignores a huge number of deaths caused by George.

But, Rampage is not great by any of stretch of the imagination, but it’s also not terrible. It’s simply good at exactly what it sets out to be good at, and that is to unleash three giant mutated animals (and The Rock) on the city of Chicago. And what could be wrong with that?


The Final Verdict

Should you go watch Rampage? That’s a Difficult One!

No! Because if you want more than a popcorn flick best give this a miss.

Yes! Because it has the Rock, it has Monsters fighting and it’s a huge slice of cheesiness.

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