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Watch this video on YouTube Incredibles 2 is directed by Brad Bird the man behind some of the best animated films in the last 20 years, he brought us...

Incredibles 2 is directed by Brad Bird the man behind some of the best animated films in the last 20 years, he brought us the Iron Giant, Ratatouille and of course the first Incredibles, and after a 14 year wait we’re finally getting the sequel to the first film.

Once again, we follow the Parr Family and there struggles with the fact that superheroes are illegal, Elastigirl has a new job opportunity in the hope to bring awareness to how much good superheroes actually do and to hopefully get enough votes to make superheroes legal again; and while Helen’s doing all of that Bob Parr aka Mr. Incredible stay home to rise his family.

What I love about Brad Bird’s animated film that they are very intelligence, his films never pander to children, they never treat the children as if they’re stupid; yes, there are one or two fart and poop jokes in this movie, but it’s never done in poor taste.

If you’re going to do one do it right like this movie does, with its story and make it relevant for the audience, and in this case, Bob has to take care of Jack-Jack and so there’s obviously going to be a lot of dirty diapers.

The sequences with Bob trying to take care of little Jack-Jack and discovering what his powers really are, are some of the best scenes in the film, one of the best messages in this film is that being a superhero isn’t just doing what Bob’s wife is doing; going out and fighting crime! It’s being a parent it’s raising your children it’s being a family, that is a heroic acted, and this film understands that and communicates that beautifully.

Once again, the animation is stunning, Pixar continues to improve everything about their animation, from the lightning to there hair to the dust and shadows, everything just keeps on getting better and better.

Despite the long gap between films the characters feel just as fresh and fully realized as they did back in 2004, it has intelligent conversations between characters that flushes them out even more for us. The action just like last time is incredible to watch (Pun was Intended).

Pixar this time around goes the Marvel route by making the film all about the Parr family, which they should, but what I mean by that is the big villain, Screenslaver is sadly the only weak link here, it’s very obvious to me, and I could see the reveal coming from a mile away, but this film and some of Marvels movies are challenging the age old notion, is a story only as good as it’s villain? because this film is really epic and accelerating.


The Final Verdict

Should you go watch Incredibles 2? Yes, I love this movie

Why? this is an extremely exciting and fun movie that understands what a superhero movie needs, but also has a great message underneath for all ages.

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