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It’s here. The full list of games for the PlayStation Classic were revealed on the PlayStation blog earlier this week. I previously put forward a bunch of games I’d like to see on the machine and, a few of them are actually appearing on it. Here I’m going to run through my thoughts on the line up. One thing to remember when reading through my thoughts, I was 10 when the original PlayStation released so I haven’t played all of these games.

Battle Arena Toshinden – This isn’t a game I owned or even played on the original console so I’ll be interested to see what it is like. Based on the little I’ve seen it looks similar to Virtua Fighter which was the first fighting game I played so I think I’d enjoy it. Especially with local multiplayer built into the PlayStation Classic. However I’d probably jump on Tekken 3 before this.

Cool Boarders 2 – I loved Cool Boarders so I’m super happy this made it onto the machine. I picked it as one of the games I would want because it was fun to try and trick my way down a mountain. It doesn’t take itself seriously but it’s still to be seen if it’s humour has aged well or not.

Destruction Derby – whilst I would have preferred Destruction Derby 2 I’m glad the franchise is represented in some way. Super arcade style in its controls and presentation DD made smashing cars together feel good. The damage indicator gave a sense of strategy to my play making me think differently about how I destroyed the other cars.

Final Fantasy VII – a close second to World of Warcraft in most hours spent in a game. I’ve finished FF7 three times, twice breeding Gold Chocobo’s to retrieve the Knights of the Round summon and defeating the optional Weapons roaming the world. I was disappointed this was on the console but can understand its a huge draw for some people. For me though I’ve played it enough in its original form.

Grand Theft Auto – I played a lot of GTA accompanied by The Offspring’s ‘Americana’. I’d come home from school, stick both on and cruise around the world robbing cars and racing around the map with my brother. It was my first GTA but I was definitely too young to look more into the depth of the game and never finished the story. I instead opted to drive around and find the Kill Frenzy missions. Definitely a game I want to revisit.

Intelligent Qube – I have a vague recollection of IQ but I don’t think I ever played it. I’m a sucker for puzzle games so this interests me just from a historic point of view. I want to see how we’ve got from IQ to The Witness.

Jumping Flash – First person platforming is both a hard thing to design well so players don’t fall off everything or miss platforms and for players to master. Throw in a load of shooting and you’ve a manic set of controls to come to grips with. I’m not interested in playing this other than for historic reasons, like Intelligent Qube, to see how it’s design schemes felt compared to today.

Metal Gear Solid – It was bound to be on here. MGS was a huge game for the PlayStation. It’s another game I’ve completed multiple times and I’m not sure I’d want to return to it now. It will be interesting to see how they address Pyscho Mantis and vibrating the control pad and reading the memory card, features not available through the PlayStation Classic.

Mr Driller – What is this? I’ve never even heard of this. Unsurprising as it released at the end of the PlayStation’s life and in the same year as the PS2 launched. I think this is the game I’m least interested in even without ever having played it.

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee – Follow Me. OK. I don’t think I ever got too far in the original release of Abe’s Oddysee making it only a few levels in. I enjoyed it when I returned to the New ‘n’ tasty! release on PS4 making it much further through but still never finishing it. I’m not sure I’d return to this version considering New ‘n’ tasty! is still on my PS4.

Rayman – I didn’t play either Rayman or Rayman 2 on the PlayStation. My first experience was with Rayman M on the PS2 which is a completely different kind of game. Rather than playing for a nostalgic trip it would be, again, for a historic look at a franchise I’ve enjoyed modern versions of. I’d would be good to see how the original Rayman stacks up to Rayman Legends.

Resident Evil Director’s Cut – This will always be a fantastic game but the recent remaster not only upped the graphics but improved upon the controls. Tank controls were never good when combined with fixed environmental cameras. Capcom realised this and even give a trophy for playing the remaster with the original control scheme. Having played that remaster I’m not sure I’d be that quick to jump back into this version.

Revelations: Persona – Another game for the historic play through pile. I haven’t played this and think I’d rather put more time into Persona 4 Golden or Persona 5 but would be willing to invest some time to see where the franchise started.

Ridge Racer Type 4 – I didn’t play the Ridge Racer series opting instead for Gran Turismo on the PlayStation so this is a contender for first game to play. It’s a shame Gran Turismo or Gran Turismo 2 aren’t on the machine for a comparison between the two defining racing franchises of the PlayStation.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo – A Street Fighter themed tile matching game, Yes please. I haven’t played this or any of the games in this franchise and I’m interested to see what adding the SF theme does to a simple puzzle game.

Syphon Filter – As the Syphon Filter franchise is dormant this is the game I’m most looking forward to playing first. Syphon Filter was a fun action shooter with a reasonably well written story. Often compared to Metal Gear Solid or Splinter Cell, two franchises who maintained their quality, Syphon Filter suffered from poor sequels and never found the success of the original. It’s definitely time to revisit it. There was a trademark registration last year for the title which I hypothesised May be for a new game or remake but perhaps this is what that was for.

Tekken 3 – My brother and I played a lot of Tekken 3. It was our fighting game of choice at the time. It may have even been the first to push us to try combos and up our skill from basic button bashing. This was helped by the characters having a huge range of fighting styles with the two of us having favourites we could play well with. I can remember well multiple matches of Hwoarang vs Paul as we each tired to best each other using our favourite characters. This is the ultimate multiplayer game on this system for me and is a big draw. However for an even greater experience a PS2 Classic console release loaded with Tekken Tag Tournament would top this.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six – I haven’t played this and from the brief look I’ve given it I don’t want to. It looks clunky, awkward to control and over strategic. Yeah you want some strategy from a Tom Clancy game but the recent franchises under the TC umbrella including Rainbow Six Siege show that this has been refined into an enjoyable, exciting strategy experience over a competent shooter. Rainbow Six isn’t a game I want to play even for a historic comparison.

Twisted Metal – It’s interesting that they’ve chosen the first in the franchise over the second only because the first doesn’t have split screen multiplayer. I think that would be the only draw to going back to Twisted Metal for me. That ability to taunt someone sat next to you whilst you smash and shoot each other would be great. Actually scrap Twisted Metal altogether and play Vigilante 8 instead. Yeah, Twisted Metal is a Sony made game but Vigilante 8 was just better.

Wild Arms – Why not throw on one more huge JRPG and suck all the time away from every other game. Out of this, FF7 and Persona, Wild Arms is the one I want to play the most. I only briefly experienced this game after renting it for a weekend. Already owning Final Fantasy 7 when I did I think I was more enamoured with Final Fantasy than Wild Arms and is why I didn’t give it the time. Its style is almost a step between Final Fantasy 6 and 7 with the world traversal of 6 and battles closer to 7 so it would be very interesting to return to it.

So that’s it, my thoughts on all the games contained on the American and European version of the PlayStation Classic. Is there anything on this machine you’d prefer to see or, like me, will you consider picking up the Japanese version instead. That game list is Arc the Lad, Arc the Lad 2, Armored Core, Battle Arena Toshinden, Devil Dice, FF7, G Darius, Gradius Gaiden, Intelligent Qube, Jumping Flash, Metal Gear Solid, Mr. Driller, Parasite Eve, Persona, Resident Evil, Ridge Racer Type 4, SaGa Frontier, Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms. Better, if you ask me.


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