Conversations Against Living Miserably – Out of Pods Review

In partnership with the TV Channel Dave, CALM have launched a podcast

Episodes Reviewed:         01-02
Average Episode Length:     40 Minutes
Release Schedule:         Weekly


Campaign Against Living Miserably is a mental health charity whose entire existence is dedicated to helping break down the barriers that hold all of us back. They didn’t just pick any old barriers either, they’ve gone after the toughest ones around; the ones we make for ourselves. Through societal pressure, fear, ignorance and a myriad of other reasons we often don’t talk about mental health. Things are starting to change, thanks in no small part to charities like CALM, but there is plenty more work to be done on this. Those barriers hold all of us back from telling others how we really feel. They hold us back from asking for help. They hold us back from growing as people. They hold us back when we are struggling the most. CALM aims to change that. The world will be a better place if they succeed and they’ve launched a podcast to help them do just that.

In partnership with the TV Channel Dave, CALM have launched a podcast called Conversations Against Living Miserably. Hosted by author/comedy writer Aaron Gillies & Comedian Lauren Pattison, each episode they will interview a guest; Zoe Lyons takes the honour of being first up. The three of them have a disarmingly honest, warm, often funny & friendly chat between them. Zoe is open about the challenges she faces in her own mind, how she deals with them and the hosts deftly link together their own experiences into the conversation. I’m sure they could’ve talked for hours longer and I’d have enjoyed hearing it.

The same is true of the second episode where Elis James is the interviewee. I’m a big fan of Elis from his podcast with John Robins (which I reviewed for the site; twice in fact) so I really enjoyed hearing him talk. I feel that his mental health mirrors some of my own experiences because I haven’t suffered from major issues like many others have done just like he was describing; but there was still plenty in his interview that shows that it’s still important regardless of where you sit on the scale of seriousness.

On the technical side the podcast is excellently produced. The audio is crisp and clear. There’s no noticeable issues that I detected in regards to noises or popping. There’s no feedback hum or similar. The levels are consistent and well balanced. It’s a thoroughly professional job they’ve done putting the show together. A joy to listen to.

In conclusion then, Conversations Against Living Miserably is a podcast worth listening to. It’s worth your support; Not just because of its goals and the fact that all proceeds from the adverts are going to support an excellent charity, but because the execution alone is excellent. It’s only just starting out but I will be awaiting the next episode with bated breath. You should be


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