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In case you missed it!

A lot happens here at OutOfLives from the amazing array of written articles to the passionate podcasts we produce. You’d be forgiven for missing out on all the crazy content happening off-site. ICYMI (in case you missed it) will aim to catch you up on the ongoings across the oolniverse and help you find the content you may have otherwise been oblivious too.

Today I will be covering the host of content related to the DragonBall Super Card Game that I put out over on Facebook. The reason for Facebook being the primary platform is that I can simply live stream onto Facebook and have a VOD available soon after that is easily shared amongst our fans and fans of the DragonBall Card Game. What may have you missed?

First, off John, Alex & Myself opened a case (12 boxes) of series 7, Assault of the Sayains this was the first video soon after Team OutOfLives was formed. Did we pull what we wanted? Where both secret rares pulled? Find out in the case opening of series 7!

Next Up saw a new trailer dropping for series 8 of the card game and it goes without saying I had to talk about it! So much so that I literally talked over the trailer in series that hopefully can continue called #TrailerTalk. Malicious Machinations trailer talk breaks down where the themes for this series come from as well as a brief overview of some new mechanics introduced into the game. This is certainly just the beginning of my series 8 coverage so stay tuned for more after the EU finals.

Speaking of the European Finals our final video for this installment of ICYMI was a local matchup between two members of our team testing in preparation for the event. Featuring one of my all-time favorite villains Janemba against icon Frieza. Will they be playing these decks come Saturday? I couldn’t possibly say but if you like some dry commentary and intriguing turns late game then it is a match to watch.

I am pre-empting more videos coming from the European Finals most of which will be exclusive to the OutOfLives Facebook page which you can directly go to by clicking here. We also have our tantalizing twitter in which if you need your news fix or see what’s going on in the oolniverse then you can find that here. ‘Till next time…

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