A Pleasant Journey Through The Internet

I'm here to regale you with a little journey I went on through the Internet

I’m here to regale you with a little journey I went on through the Internet. Something a little different to my usual articles. Late one night I was scrolling through YouTube, as you do, listening to music. One of my go to songs when I’m feeling melancholic is Caledonia by Dougie MacLean. It’s a beautiful song to listen to, one that really pulls on the heartstrings.




Since I was scrolling, I decided to check out some covers of the song. Rianne Downey’s was good. Excellent, in fact. 



I listened to what was available on Rianne’s channel. I was really impressed by her vocals in particular. While watching her videos I saw a recommendation for Dylan John Thomas.



Dylan’s stuff is fantastic. He’s talented, I really like his low-key style. I followed both on Twitter and that’s when I saw Rianne had posted a new demo there. The link for the full version was to her SoundCloud.



It’s a great track. I loved it right from first hearing it. It’s very emotive and fitting for our current times. SoundCloud then auto-played the next song which was from Emily Downie.



That was good, it caught my attention but I couldn’t find more from her initially; so asked Alfred to search Spotify as he’s a premo boi on there. I’m not and the free version is garbage nowadays so I never use it. He also found nothing. Alfred asked me why I was searching for it so I linked him to the song. He liked it as well then recommended Izzie Walsh. He’d seen her play a few times and loved her performances.



Alfred and my taste clearly aligns here as Izzie is a brilliant recommendation. Powerful vocals with real feeling to them and great music accompaniments. Then, I did find another video with 2 more songs by Emily Downie. Both of which are excellent.



What a pleasant journey through the Internet, I just thought I’d share it with you. It’s nice to remind ourselves that it can be used for good sometimes. Plus, all these artists deserve some love so check them out. If you enjoy their work share it with your friends!


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