Salvage Saturday – Double Whammy!

I made a mistake.

So, I am an idiot. ‘What else is new?’ you may be asking yourself. Well, I uploaded my #SalvageSaturday video last week as normal but forgot to do a post on site for it so… yeah. That just means that if you didn’t catch it on YouTube (seriously, hit the subscribe button) then you get a double dose of salvage this week instead!

Tetsuo Salvage #SalvageSaturday #OutOfLives

That was my second shift on the Tetsuo, the video below contains this weeks shift. The third and final one for this ship. Enjoy!

Zealous The Third - #SalvageSaturday #OutOfLives

Check back next week for a brand new ship requiring salvaged!


Adam is a Writer, Editor & Podcaster here at Out of Lives. He casts a wide net across popular culture with video games & anime, in particular, featuring heavily in his work for the site. Hailing from a town just outside Glasgow, this Scotsman can usually be found roaming the Northern Realms on The Path or behind the wheel of a Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle-Car.
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