Tanked Up 246 – Eternal Sunlight in Mr Goldblum’s Mind

Sunlight, JW Evolution and Kinetic Edge

On the show this week Lucy has a few indie games to chat having played Sunlight and started Shot in the Dark. Ben hits the backlog finishing Days Gone and playing a little Jurassic World Evolution and Doom Eternal. Aadil finishes out the show with an update on Cyberpunk 2077 and his preview of the soon to be released Kinetic Edge.

To drink Aadil starts with Deya and their Today is Better than Yesterday then cracks Blow Out from Mikkeller all whilst Ben nurses Atom Brewing Co’s Neutron Star.


Ben is like a fine wine, he spends far to much time in cellars. He deliberately developed a stutter and a slur and walks with a limp to conceal his raging alcohol problem. Once beat up a fish for looking at him funny. Ben hosts the Tanked up podcast, but we are pretty sure he isn't aware of that.
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