Tanked Up 273 – Holding Hands while Lost at Sea

Solving the Fermi Paradox

Join Lucy, Aadil, and Ben as they talk through their week in games over some beers.

Aadil and Ben talk about The Fermi Paradox, a just released Early Access ‘Galaxy Gardener’. Ben chips in with his thoughts on Lost at Sea and Death’s Door, a couple of new indies. We also talk the vita and other handhelds in the wake of Lucy’s prepreorder of the Steam Deck

For beers Lucy has a Deya Worried Dream Bitter, and their Bundobust Pale, and a Polly’s Moon Wrecker Pale, while Aadil inexplicably has a couple of Czech stouts, Garden’s Coconut and Tonka Bean Milk Stout and Varionika’s Neon Stout. Ben rounds things out with the Portal IPA from Dig and Lervig’s Field Trip Kviek IPA.

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Aadil Kurji is an enigma. It is said that if you say Aadil into a mirror 6 times whilst standing on his face he will get very angry. Aadil makes up the entire team of the Out of Lives Canadian branch and for that he is sorry. Aadil hosts the popular beer and gaming podcast Tanked Up
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