Assassins Creed, Typo’s and Supergirl

In other news, a young man was left with a broken jaw after he was mugged outside Iceland. I hope the assholes were ‘frozen’ from using his debit card.

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Hear me moan,

This week Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate was leaked (probably by Ubisoft) and officially announced (definitely by Ubisoft) for all current-gen consoles. Players will take on the role of two cockneys – a white guy resembling Downey Jnr’s Sherlock, and a woman who looks like a murderous Mary Poppins. I’ve watched the 9-minute gameplay trailer and quite frankly it looks rather dull. The mould on those London rooftops looks impeccable though. However, my main concern is the delegation of skillsets. Jacob has been pitched as a brass-knuckled attention-seeking thug whereas Evie is the assassin who possesses the subtlety of a ninja. I know which character I’d rather play as for 75% of the game, and it isn’t the one with the fucking top hat.

It’s been bugging me recently how often people have been typing ‘defiantly’ when they mean ‘definitely’. My brother keeps doing it and I’ve seen people in the IGN group doing it. I’m no angel, I make typos all the time, but I also use the ‘edit’ function Facebook has conveniently tucked away in the corner.

A recent study has shown that applying a nose to your first-person perspective in VR games drastically reduces your chances. The nose gives your brain a point of reference; similar to how focusing on the horizon can reduce sea sickness while on a boat. I’m excited to see this implemented into Call of Duty for the Oculus Rift, because the one thing this stale franchise needs is more memes.

The first trailers for Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow dropped this week. Supergirl shows promise, although it has been marketed as Devil Wears Prada meets Superman. It would be great if it was tailored towards the female viewership, because Supergirl has got to be a great role model, but so far I’m getting a whiff of cry-baby teen drama from it. As for Legends of Tomorrow, all I can say is it looks more 90’s than the Suicide Squad line-up.

I’m a huge fan of the Game of Thrones TV series but series 5 is waning on me. We’re at the mid-point of the series and I’m struggling to find an interesting plot, and that’s if there’s a plot at all. There’s no tension anymore. No suspicious parties. There’s a whole lot of talking but very little action. How many more times do I have to hear Stannis say he’s going to claim the North? I think I’m not enjoying GoT as much because all the interesting characters are dead, and now we’re left with a handful of original characters competing for screen time with new characters that the show has to introduce or nobody is going to start loving them (before they die).

In other news, a young man was left with a broken jaw after he was mugged outside Iceland. I hope the assholes were ‘frozen’ from using his debit card.

Duck Hunt,

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