Rocket Powered!

Do flips and handbrake turns all at the touch of a button while trying to knock a really big ball into a rather small net.

This week’s blog is not full of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle-Cars but it is Rocket Powered, NASA will be jealous when they get around to reading this I can guarantee it. Rocket League released and is free for PS+ subscribers this month so hurry up and download it if you haven’t already! And this month we see an in depth look at No Mans Sky on IGN First but more on that later.
The Video Review is Live!!! (Sorry about the wait)

To sum up Rocket League is really simple: you play football in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 but instead of silly humans running about kicking a tiny ball, you play as cars. But not just any old cars, rocket powered ones that can fly, do flips and handbrake turns all at the touch of a button while trying to knock a really big ball into a rather small net. It’s simple, it’s fun and most importantly it works (mostly). I’m in love with this game but what I really want is to play some local multiplayer with my friends after a few drinks, we play Towerfall Ascension that way on a regular basis and it is always a good laugh. I’m hoping this will prove as popular so I’ll report back on that some other time when we give it a try. I might even put together a few videos with my share button if I’m not too drunk and remember to do it.

So far with Rocket League I’ve found the single-player against the AI rather fantastic. On Rookie mode you can win pretty easily as you would expect, including scoring from the kick-off on a regular basis. Admittedly, I thought it was absolutely epic the first couple times I managed it… until I realised it was actually quite easy to do. Fortunately that has not been the case on the higher difficulties, which makes it much less of a walkover but much, much more fun. From my experience the AI is well done but once you’ve got the hang of the controls you should skip straight to the All Star difficulty, which is the highest one, because they are that bit smarter, that bit more competitive and that makes for much more interesting games all round.

Now unsurprisingly there has been a bit of trouble on the online side of the game. Shocking I know, it’s not like it happens on every single game at the moment or anything. The first couple weeks were pretty rocky, the lag/ping times were ludicrous, the servers would go down constantly and it really was awfully annoying. But credit where it’s due the dev team never shied away from this problem, they were on Twitter giving updates, apologizing for the trouble and they were quick to sort them out. A patch was put together and it seems to have fixed whatever was causing the issues.

With the online mode working I can’t recommend this game highly enough, it’s crazy and unpredictable especially playing against other human players and is an all-round good time. Lot’s to unlock and customize, and stunts to pull off, I hope you have as much fun with it as I am.

Now, another use for rocket fuel, when you aren’t using it to fly cars about a stadium, is for sending spaceships across the universe, which is handy because that is exactly what you will be doing in No Man’s Sky! One of my most anticipated games finally shed some light on how the gameplay works courtesy of IGN’s IGN First Game of the Month coverage, all of which you can check out here:

This content continues all this month of July, so check IGN regularly for more features and content on No Man’s Sky.

I am so glad to get an extended look into this game and into the motivations and trials that the team at Hello Games went through in order to bring it to life, it is without a doubt the game I am most excited for, it looks like everything I’ve ever wanted from a game and more, no doubt I’ll be talking about it on this blog again soon but I’ll leave it at that until then.

I am currently working on my first ever video review! I’m taking the time to try and get it right which is taking longer than I hoped. I want it to be good before I put it up for you all to see, so look out for that dropping later in the week, when I’m happier with it. It will be your chance to see Rocket League in all its glory on the Out of Lives YouTube channel or embedded in this post at a later date.

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