Hellblade and John Diggle’s Helmet

Hellblade is a narrative-heavy one-on-one combat game

Hear me moan,

As most of you know I run a successful online store selling fabric with my fiancée. We are attending Kirstie Allsop’s Handmade Fair next weekend. Needless to say, preparing for this show has occupied most of my time and therefore I haven’t had much time to gather my thoughts into a cohesive splurge of online aggression. Prepare yourselves for the weakest entry yet (although next week’s is likely to be worse).

Hellblade is a narrative-heavy one-on-one combat game being developed by Ninja Theory. I’ve been fascinated by the development of Hellblade because it’s an indie game aspiring to be a triple-A game. I’ve kept up-to-date with all of the video blogs chronicling Ninja Theory’s progress.

But then I saw the gameplay demo from Gamescom and my excitement plummeted. The game doesn’t look particularly awful but the combat doesn’t look polished; when Senua, the protagonist, clashes with her opponent there are no smooth transitions between animations. It’s pretty jarring to watch and cheapens the quality Ninja Theory claim the game will achieve.

Here’s a video by Eurogamer analysing the Gamescom demo. I think everyone should watch it because it clearly identifies problems with Hellblade and sums up how I feel about it now; underwhelmed, basically.

Hahahaha, look at this guy!
John Diggle Arrow season 4 costume
That’s what John Diggle is going to look like in the next season of Arrow. I don’t watch Arrow so I don’t know who John Diggle is but I do know that outfit is fucking ridiculous. He doesn’t look like a contemporary superhero; Kick-Ass did a better job than this and his costume was a wetsuit. The helmet has obviously been compared to Magneto’s and there have been some appropriate comparisons to the Black Power Ranger – maybe it’ll look better in action, like Quicksilver’s shit silver jacket did in X-Men: Days of Future Past, but I’ll never know because I haven’t got time for a show about a guy cosplaying as Robin Hood.

In other news, 53-year-old Steve Watson has become a murder suspect 21 years after he starred as the murderer in an episode of Crimewatch. In 1994 Julie Pacey was murdered and the BBC filmed a re-enactment of the tragic situation. Steve Watson bared a striking resemblance to the alleged killer and starred as the murderer in the episode – he has been mistaken as the actual killer and harassed by police and neighbours ever since.
Steve Watson Crimewatch
So what does everybody think? Is Steve Watson an innocent man with an unfortunate face, or is he the killer who auditioned for the role (and got it) to taunt the police?

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