Shooters Are Coming!

Look, you can play as Darth Vader or fly an X-wing

Here we go!

It’s the Autumn Holiday gaming run in; There are plenty of shooters on offer in 2015, starting tomorrow with Destiny’s The Taken King release! It’s widely anticipated to be a roaring success despite a few controversies and marketing/PR mishaps.
At any rate, I put together a little gameplay video of me playing some Crucible as Year One comes to an end; I hope you enjoy it. After watching my rampage, check out my little preview of the upcoming shooters I am excited for this year further down the page!

Rainbow 6: Siege

Let’s start off with the one I’m most concerned about; Siege is a fantastic concept for a competitive multiplayer shooter, it’s core mode being a 5v5 mode where one team storms a defensive position while trying to extract a Hostage while the other team try to stop them. It’s fast, relentless and action packed which is exactly what I’ve been looking for. As Call of Duty and others have strayed into the future of Exo-suits and “Jumpy Jumpy, Shooty Shooty” as our own Kevin Tarne calls it, this is a welcome return to a more true-to-life interpretation of military style tactics and combat. I’m pleased to see Rainbow 6 picking up the mantle that Call of Duty dropped. Hopefully it is good because this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for, for quite some time.
The real risk is that by moving it back to December the players are already invested and imbedded into other shooters that have released before it. With Call of Duty (its usual sales juggernaut and Star Wars on the box of another) it’s a tough year to crack.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is easily one of the most eagerly anticipated games by the entire audience/industry and from what’s been shown so far Bethesda are really pulling out all the stops to make this a defining moment in gaming where we will all look back in 10 years and remember this landmark moment. People will remember how GTAV smashed records like no other game could dream of, even CoD. Bethesda will want this to be remembered as well.

Of course Fallout 4 is a first person shooter but unlike the others it has a heavy emphasis on customisation, crafting, character building, story narrative and giving you a complete open world to explore and try and survive in. So although it’s on this list it really is in a different league just in those terms as to what it’s doing compared to the others. I’m looking forward to it, big time! What else is there to say really?

Star Wars: Battlefront

My most anticipated First Person Shooter by a long, long way is Star Wars: Battlefront, assuming DICE and EA have learned from the online mishaps of Battlefield 4 and this game launches without any major disasters it will be absolutely epic! Of course having the Star Wars name helps with that and being able to market it by going “Look, you can play as Darth Vader or fly an X-wing” is like guaranteed money in the bank… But that will only work once and Disney are not fools. When they signed this deal with EA, I’m sure EA were told where the quality bar was and if they don’t match it then they are out. So I’m expecting it to be good.

Unsurprisingly I’m just looking forward to running about using blaster rifles and pretending to be a Storm Trooper online. But the mode I’m most wanting to try is Fighter Squadron… If it plays as good as it looks then you’ll find me on there till No Man’s Sky launches, whenever that is… Probably.
If you listen carefully, that noise you can hear is my wallet crying its little eyes out because it knows it’s in for a fleecing in the very near future. On the bright side though, it’s difficult to imagine a better way to spend it than on some of the fantastic games heading our way before the year is done.

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