Gaming V Relationships

when gaming starts to impact the relationships we have or we feel that relationships are getting in the way of gaming?!

Using your free time to play gaming is a benefit of modern day society which has seen leisure time increase alongside the wider availability to access games both on the console and otherwise. The relationship we as gamers hold with our consoles of choice are endearing ones which present a level of fandom which can (sometimes) become borderline obsessive. And sometimes these obsessions can have a positive and negative impact on our lives. Sometimes it means that we actually get to spend more time with friends; coming together to play or setting times to play together online. On the flipside some of us may decide they would rather stay in and play the latest RPG than socialise with friends in the local drinking establishment. But what about when gaming starts to impact the relationships we have or we feel that relationships are getting in the way of gaming?!


If you are the gamer in your relationship then you have to appreciate that your partner may not show the same level of enthusiasm towards the “pretty colours” flying across the screen. They also may not appreciate the complexity behind the sheer number of polygons it takes to build the character you are using. You will have to understand that sometimes, they just won’t be interested in watching you play COD online for 3 hours whilst you’re bellowing down the mic to a 12 year old child in the US explaining how you will disembowel him in front of his entire family (sound familiar?)! But all hope is not lost! Why not to try and get them involved with a slightly different game which you can develop and share the experience together? Or failing that, you will be surprised by the sheer amount of interest a good cut scene can generate. Slowly you will start answering questions about story lines and plot twists etc. Be kind and explain without brushing the comments aside because you are trying to listen to Ocelot! Or as a final option, you could just purchase a Nintendo Wii…


If you are the “non-gamer” part of a relationship and you are reading this then it’s too late. You have made a commitment to a person AND their console(s); it’s done. You have to accept that the free time you will share together will become a triumvirate of love, laughter and pixels. You might have to prepare yourselves for the inevitable radio silence when the console is on or the sporadic and short messages which filter through every time he or she is having to respawn (if you’re lucky). For those less fortunate, you could fall victim of a recent phenomenon known as ‘FIFA Widow(er) or COD Widow(er)’. This term relates to the loss of one’s partner following the latest release of one of the major annual franchises. You might also have to think about the sacrifices of the TV for prolonged periods of time – as you should know the console only looks at its best on the largest TV in the house… All is not lost however! Sharing in the interest or attempting to show a level of appreciation for the interest in games (however difficult that may be) may actually lead to you finding something that you could both participate in.


Now sharing an interest such as gaming with your better half could sound perfect; But be warned! Yes it could be great to spend hours discussing and debating the latest patch update or play ‘pass the controller’, but what happens when your partner’s gaming gets in the way of yours? The shared console or shared TV could really make things a little bit strained in your household if each of you doesn’t get your fix of sweet gaming pleasure. Things could become particularly strained when one of you ends up surpassing the other in content and accidentally let a plot twist slip! A relationship ending event?! Hopefully not! This could become a powerful bond that sees your relationship go to another level and if it clicks could be very fruitful for all parties involved!

And just on a personal note, this post is dedicated to my Non-Gamer better half who “puts up” with all my Gaming!

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