Let me Think About It – What to Think About When in LA?

"Wow, I'm at LAX on Christmas Eve and I look like Macaulay Culkin now."

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“I’M BAAAAAACCCKKK” – Randy Quaid, that Will Smith alien movie.

Yes. It is true. And while this will not be a “New Year, New Me” or “My hopes for 2K16” post because I literally have NO TIME to write anything productive, I’m gonna at least post SOMETHING since it’s been so long (also, I’m afraid Ross Miller will hate me if I don’t. UK people are SAVAGE and I fear for my life).

Despite it being two weeks too late, I’m gonna talk about my Christmas because most people did that when I had no access to a computer – yes, I spent two wonderful weeks with no computer because I was in BEAUTIFUL LOS ANGELES. It was the best of times. I also feel like I should talk about it because it warms my heart and nothing else does so in Norway because it’s -18 degrees Celsius outside so I’m pretty CHILL right now….sorry. Keep your COOL.

Now, since I literally have about 30 minutes to finish this, I’ve decided to leave you with thoughts I scribbled down in LA – yes, I’ve thought these things, some which I even wrote down. That, and a few Snapchats because why not. Hopefully you’ll find them….well, whatever. I’m just doing this so Ross won’t send me camel emojis on Facebook. * That being said, here are some thoughts you might think when in LA.*
“Wow, I’m at LAX on Christmas Eve and I feel like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone.”

“Wow, I’m at LAX on Christmas Eve and I look like Macaulay Culkin now.”

“OMG it looks like GTA V!”

“OMG I remember this place from GTA V.”

“OMG I remember running people over here in GTA V.”

“OMG I remember blowing up 10 cars here in GTA V!”

“I wonder how long it will take before people get tired of me refrencing GTA V”

“I wonder if celebrities ever go to the Walk of Fame and pretend they’re impersonating themselves.”

“Why are selfie sticks cheaper than water?”

“I got a feeling that person is peeing right now.”

“LA at night might just be the most beautiful computer chip ever.”

“Why does every sunset and view of the city make me feel like Brendan Frasier?!”

“Keep it together!”

“Hot Topic might just be the best place in the world.”

“Wow, Tar Pits are really nothing but….tar pits.”

“People are so nice here I just want to hug all of them. Really long.”

“The Fallout mask looks like something from The Purge.”

“I wish people could love games at home as much as here.”

“I wonder if people could drive around in GTA V without looking at the map.”

“Why is everyone so adorable here?”

“Kawaii photobooths in Norway would leave me broke AF.”

“Limousine is a weird word.”

“Who waters the palm trees?”

“Starbucks fucking everywhere.”

“Tar Pits is a funny word.”

“The only good thing about the Walk of Fame is that singing Jesus.”

“What’s everybody’s obsession with foreigners?”

“Wait…is it foreigners or the band Foreigner? Oh no…”

“There are too many cool people at this party.”

“There are too many cool YouTube people at this party.”

“There are too many cool Max Landis’ at this party.”


“The tables in West Hollywood are the best.”

“I wonder if this Uber driver will freak out if I ask if I can marry him.”

“I don’t NEED it, but it’s Star Wars so I have to.”

“My god, Entourage got this ALL WRONG.”

“I’m not gonna take any pictures of those dumb stars on the Walk of Fa…DANIEL RADCLIFFE.”

“Oh my god, my hand is actually in Dan Radcliffe’s hand. Harry Potter’s hand. I wonder if he can feel me.”

“My hand twin has softer hands than me. Damn.”

“Venice Beach is almost Venice Bitch.”

“Machinima’s office reminds me of The Shining.”

“Eating food with Ian. IndIAN food. Pun game on point. I should always remember that one.”

“The Sag AFTRA-building looks like something Milla Jovovich would wake up in in a Resident Evil movie.”

“I wonder if anybody on Snapchat will notice that we’re half an hour late.”

“Best Christmas and birthday ever.”


“Rod Stewart.”


“I’m so excited about life right now.”

“I’m leaving LA today, so not excited about life right now.”

“I miss you already.”

“Bye Los Santo….erm Angeles.”

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