Pac-Man 256 Coming to Consoles and Steam

Hide your fruit

Waka-Waka-Waka..That’s Pac-Man for “I’m Baaaaack!” Yes that’s right, your trusted yellow chomper that battles the paranormal and enjoys the occasional piece of fruit is making his glorious return to console and PC.


Bandai-Namco has released a trailer announcing the return of Pac-Man to Xbox One, PS4 and Steam. Pac-Man 256 was originally a 2015 Android and iOS video game. It was inspired by the glitched 256th level of Pac-Man. In the game, the player must continuously navigate an endless maze while avoiding ghosts and using power-ups and power pellets to combat them, while trying to outrun the glitch. Fruits grant a temporary multiplier, and as Pac-Man eats dots, it is up to the player to try to top their high score.

Pac-Man 256 will be released digitally on June 21st on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC through Steam.

PAC-MAN 256 - PS4/XB1/PC - 4X Multi PAC-MAN (Announcement Trailer)



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