Confessions of a Casual Gamer: It’s All a Game of Lies…

When Lieing Is The Only Viable Option For You To Get Some Well Earned Gaming Time


Unfortunately there always comes a time when ‘life’ gets in the way of many things.

This whole pain-in-the-ass concept of having to work to earn money [unless you live on Benefits Street] really does become a hindrance to getting down and gaming. Looming 12 hour shifts meaning that your precious will remain lonesome and unloved for such long periods of time that you worry whether it may forget who you are! There comes a time in any gamers life where a decision needs to be made, and priorities need to be drawn.

So in this week’s post, I take a look at some real life confessions from the gaming world when people have told a porky-pie [lie] to get out of doing something so that gaming can commence!


Getting out of Household Chores:

“On a fairly regular basis I tell the Mrs I’m still at work but I’m really at home playing on the PS4. Otherwise I’d end up having to do jobs!”

“I’ve done the odd cheeky full/half day on a Tuesday when the Mrs works later. I still have to pick up our son but a full gaming afternoon feels mega.”

“Saying mates wanted to play online so that can get out of cleaning up after dinner”


Sick Note:

“I don’t lie to my wife, but she has been known to lie for me when I want to get out of going to the mother in laws so that I can play a new game”

“Forged my rota so it looked like I was working when in fact I had the afternoon off. She went to work and the baby went to the nannnies. 7 hours of gaming for free.”

“My dad was intensive care for 7 days. He then got better. I forgot to mention to work that he had got better for another week.”

“When my mate got dumped by her fiancé I was supposed to meet her for lunch to console her. Skyrim had come out at midnight though so I told her I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t make.”

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When Love isn’t Enough:

“When I was in the army, I told my girlfriend at the time that I could not come home at the weekend because I had guard duty. Instead I stayed in camp on the piss playing Modern Warfare 2.”

“Paid for fiancé and her mum to have a spa day on her birthday so that I was ready to play fall out”

“I cancelled a date when I was originally playing through Dark Souls. I “had to work late”.”

“Was meant to be staying at my ex’s house for a few days back in 2012 but fucked it off and went home at 2200 on the first night for the Sleeping Dogs Release. No regrets whatsoever”


Time to Come Clean…

There are some cruel, cruel people out there! Have you ever lied to make time to game? Why don’t you let me know in the comments below or with a 140 character message to @MeteCritic !

Keep it on the OOL!



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