Neon Chrome PS4 Launch Trailer Released.

Can you stop the Overseer?

Developer 10 tons has announced that Neon Chrome will hit the PlayStation 4 on May 31, and released a brand new trailer to show off the game.

Neon Chrome has been described as a twin stick shooter with rogue like elements and it features the use of Procedurally generated, destructible environments. The game was released on the PC in april 2016.

There is no mention of the game coming to any platforms but the PS4, suggesting that, perhaps for now at least, the game is a Sony console exclusive.


Cameron McCulloch-Keeble is a writer, filmmaker and podcaster, He has a degree in film from Birmingham City University and has written for the official website of Empire Magazine. When he's not writing, talking or shooting he's trying to think of a better twitter handle than his current @CaptainZep
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