Vampyr Gameplay Trailer – PC Gaming Show 2016

"What does it mean? That I'm dead too?"

Originally posted by Liam Babington

During the PC Gamer Press Conference at E3, Dontnod – of Life is Strange fame – dropped a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming Action-RPG, Vampyr.

The trailer shows off a bit more of the dark, gritty post-Great War style that we saw in the announcement trailer, as well as continuing with the idea of the character as a reluctant vampire confused and disturbed by his newfound power with a small dialogue portion containing the line “What does it mean? That I’m dead too?”.

The trailer also shows off some of the melee combat that the game will feature, as well as some of the various abilities that the player will be able to use as Johnathon Reid. Noteworthy among these are short-range teleportation abilities similar to the “blink” power from the Dishonored games and a brutal looking slam in which the enemy is lifted into the air before being dropped on a conjured stake.

All in all, promising looking stuff. Vampyr is set to launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2017.


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