Ubisoft Debuts VR Games Eagle Flight & Star Trek: Bridge Crew

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The era of virtual reality is well and truly here. Today at E3, Ubisoft showcased two new titles they’re bringing to the VR space.

Eagle Flight

eagle_flightUbisoft showed off it’s VR game ‘Eagle Flight’, the game play footage showed a capture the flag style game in which the eagle must battle it out to capture a rabbit. The game is set in the skies of Paris where nature has reclaimed the city.

Eagle Flight Trailer: Multiplayer VR Gameplay - E3 2016 [NA]

Eagle Flight will be available on all VR platforms this fall.


Next up Ubisoft revealed a Star Trek VR game.

Star Trek Bridge Crew

152957da640440888a68f3c38084d413-ed startrek

In Star Trek: Bridge Crew you and your fellow crew members are on the bridge of your very own Enterprise, playing different roles on the ship. Ubisoft cleverly used actors from the many series of the game to demonstrate it and LeVer Burton spoke enthusiastically about the game and how it felt like a unique Star Trek experience.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR – Reveal Trailer - E3 2016 [ANZ]

Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be available on all VR platforms and will also release this Fall.


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