GOG Summer Sale 2016

DRM free gaming on the cheap

The GOG summer sale is currently 7 days in and bursting with great deals, but you might not have noticed due to a big gaming expo currently happening in a far away land, so I’m here to tell you all about it.



The 2016 summer sale has been running since 7th June with new deals added each day. These new deals join those already in effect creating a huge list of games, old and new, for you to peruse and pick up at your leisure. At least until 22nd June that is.

Whilst the sale is running you can also earn XP. This is done by either purchasing games or completing tasks which include creating a GOG account, sharing the sale on social media or ‘checking in’ 5 times.

GOG Screenshot

The XP you accrue goes towards free games. That’s right, free games! The first of these is Spelunky for a mere 5000 XP. Complete a few tasks and purchase a game and you’ll earn enough XP to claim it. The second game, at 15000 XP is Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. The third, at 30000 XP, is the Dreamfall Chapters season pass which includes the final episode, downloadable, when it releases. If you’re not bothered by earning XP to unlock these games then they are all available at sale prices.


As well as games there are also bundles on offer which collect the games from a series and provide an additional discount on top of the sale price. The standout, for me at least, being the Roller-coaster Tycoon bundle.

OK, I’ve made you read enough. Here are a small selection of the games on offer:


You can find all the deals over on GOG and remember you can download GOG Galaxy the stand alone gaming client, which is currently in beta, if you want all these purchases in one handy library.


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